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Hearing aids and cochlear implants

Many people have doubts between choosing a hearing aid and a cochlear implant. Basically, they will ask which hearing aids and cochlear implants are better.

In fact, the hearing aid and the cochlear implant do not conflict, the hearing loss is serious or even no hearing, then the cochlear implant can be selected; if the hearing loss is small, the hearing aid can be selected for assisted rehabilitation.

Cochlear implants and hearing aids which is better

Hearing aids only act to amplify the sound. However, the principle of this sound amplification and the uniform amplification of the microphone sound is different, but the part of the hearing loss is selected for amplification. The premise of using a hearing aid is that the patient has residual hearing, that is, the patient’s residual hearing is generally below 85 decibels, so that the patient still has an effect after using the hearing aid. Of course, some patients have residual hearing above 85 decibels. Hearing aids can also hear sounds. However, the clarity of this sound is very poor. It is often a face-to-face communication with people, only hearing the sound, but not knowing what others are saying.

Cochlear implants are generally suitable for those who do not have residual hearing, or who have residual hearing above 85 decibels and who use hearing aids. People have an auditory sensory organ called the cochlea, which has auditory sensory nerves. When the auditory receptor is damaged, the external sound and energy cannot be converted into nerve impulses of the auditory system, and people can’t hear the sound. andCochlear implantThe effect is to use the current to directly stimulate the auditory nerve to make it pulse, but this pulse must have the same function as the cochlea, and has the ability to program sound programs, also called coding function. Then, the auditory organ organizes the sound into a neural code. It is decoded by the cerebral cortex and becomes a language signal that the human brain can accept and recognize.

Whether it is suitable for wearing a hearing aid or a cochlear implant, it is necessary to consider the patient’s hearing loss.

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