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How to choose a custom hearing aid

Customized hearing aids in the optional hearing aids are available in three main styles: the ear cavity hearing aid (ITE),Ear canal hearing aid(ITC), deep ear canal hearing aid (CIC). How do you distinguish between these three hearing aids?

Ear cavity hearing aid (ITE)

Ear canal hearing aid (ITC)

Deep ear canal hearing aid (CIC)

Hearing aid performance difference:

The same product is customized for ITE, ITC, and CIC. The power that the hearing aid provides is ITE. The most concealed is CIC. The ear canal is somewhere in between. The principle of hearing aid fitting is to consider the power first, and the power is sufficient, and then consider the appearance requirements.

Hearing aid price difference:

There are differences in the production process of ITE, ITC, and CIC, so the price of hearing aids has fluctuated. Because CIC is deep-eared, hearing aids are relatively expensive. The relative ITE hearing aid price will be lower.

In general, fitting a custom hearing aid first considers whether the hearing aid power is appropriate, secondly considering the appearance of the hearing aid, and finally considering the grade of the hearing aid, whether it is a high-end point or a common point.

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