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What kind of hearing aid is better

There are many brands of hearing aids, prices are not equal, and there are differences in quality and function. In the face of a large number of hearing aid brands, which types of hearing aid models, which one is the best?

The best hearing aids that everyone understands, my understanding is this: to meet their listening needs, the price is also acceptable.

Everyone’s situation is different. Everyone thinks that the “best” hearing aids are different. We can roughly divide into the following groups of people.

1. Deafness for many years, almost no sound

Most of these patients are mainly elderly, mainly due to increased age and decreased auditory nerve activity.

“Best” hearing aid selection: high-power ear-back hand-held hearing aids,Box hearing aid

Interpretation of the reason: the elderly are affected by hearing problems for a long time, causing the language resolution to drop, and it is difficult to understand the meaning of the other party’s speech. It is best to choose a high-power hearing aid. The price is relatively low and the operation is relatively simple.

2. Suddenly the ear can’t hear the sound.

This type of patient is quite special and has many causes. It is recommended to go to the hospital for medical treatment in a week after the onset of the disease, and the chance of cure is relatively large. If the treatment is ineffective or has passed the optimal treatment period, you will need to look at the hearing loss for the fitting.

“Best” hearing aid selection: After hearing, the hearing loss is below 80dB and a custom hearing aid can be selected; above 80dB it is recommended to choose a behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Interpretation of the reason: the customized hearing aid is stuffed in the ear, which has a small and invisible effect, but there is a lack of power. The reason why it is recommended to be below 80dB is mainly to consider the possibility of hearing loss, which may cause the hearing aid power to fail to meet the listening needs. The ear-back hearing aid can achieve 120dB maximum power, which can meet the listening needs of patients with severe hearing loss.

(Three types of customized hearing aids wear renderings)

3. One side of the ear can hear, the other side of the ear is not hearing well.

Although this type of patient has a bad hearing on one side, the daily listening problem is not big. Most people think that the hearing aid can be matched or not. The normal person’s listening style is listening to both ears, and the sound heard is relatively three-dimensional. If you always listen with one side of your ear, the ear that is not hearing well will be gradually discarded, eventually leading to full paralysis. Excessive use of one side of the ear can cause hearing fatigue and hearing loss. At this time, the hearing aid can be worn and only one side of the ear can be worn.

The “best” hearing aid option: a lighter hearing loss can choose to wear an open hearing aid or a custom hearing aid, a slightly more serious, behind-the-ear hearing aid is the best choice.

Interpretation of the reason: Hearing loss has already affected the normal listening of daily life, then you need to wear a hearing aid. Early detection may result in less hearing loss. Open or custom hearing aids will be more suitable, and the appearance is also very invisible. If the hearing loss is severe, the behind-the-ear hearing aid will be more appropriate.

4. Children’s ear hearing problems

The problem of hearing impairment in children has become very common. There are quite a few hearing screenings for newborns, but rehabilitation can only be done with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

The “best” hearing aid selection: Children’s hearing impairment can seriously affect the child’s speech development, prone to large tongues, poor pronunciation and other conditions. Therefore, to choose the sound quality? Good effect of the behind-the-ear hearing aid, the low-end machine basically has no effect, but also delays the child’s speech development.

Interpretation of the reason: Children are not like adults, and children have no ability to distinguish words. When the child learns to follow the language, he will imitate according to the sound he hears. If the sound of the sound is very poor, the pronunciation will be unclear and the tongue will be big. Once you have passed the speech period, it is difficult to correct it.

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