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What to consider when fitting a hearing aid

Parents who come to consult hearing aids often ask us, which kind of hearing aid do you think is good, where should I go for fitting? For these questions, we have to ask one question, if there is no quality fitting, then what is the best hearing aid? A high-end hearing aid worth 2 and 3, if there is no qualified audiologist or hearing aid fitter to debug, it is a pile of waste plastic.

Even if you spend a lot of money to buy the highest-end hearing aids, if there is no scientific fitting, it is just a random adjustment. This kind of hearing aid is “toxic”. Wearing it for a long time can not only improve your hearing, but also permanently ruin your ears. Losing confidence in life, the temper will become more and more violent. And this kind of loss of the wife and the soldiers, it will happen to us in minutes.

Many parents choose hearing aids. When they come up, they ask about the products. This is the thinking of buying vegetables, notFit hearing aidThinking. Since it is a fitting hearing aid, the “fit” is in the front and the “hearing aid” is in the back. That is to say, the choice of the fitting mechanism or the hearing center is our primary consideration.

Hearing aid fitting

So how do we know if the fitting institution or hearing center we have chosen is correct? The small series lists several references. You can see if the fitting institution you have chosen has done this.

1. Is there a qualified audiologist/hearing aid fitter?

A qualified audiologist/hearing aid fitter should have a high level of audiology expertise and technology, be able to provide auditory management and rehabilitation counseling services, and provide personalized solutions for people with different hearing loss situations, while actively discovering Other conditions that require medical assistance, and propose solutions and referral programs based on the analysis.

At present, the level of domestic audiologists/hearing aid fittings is uneven. Due to the extremely low barriers to entry, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of people. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, relevant practitioners usually need a master’s degree in audiology or even a doctoral degree. With the development of domestic audiology education, the training of audiologists in China has begun to be in line with international standardization. The Aizhi Listening Academy under the Ai Er era is working hard in this direction.

Second, whether there is a standardized hearing test room and hearing instruments

Everyone’s hearing situation is different. The hearing examination room (usually called the sound insulation room, the sound field) and related hearing instruments can accurately check the details of the hearing loss. If there is no such thing, only a small bell will judge your hearing. Loss, that is obviously not reliable.

3. Did you measure the “most comfortable volume” and “uncomfortable volume” when the hearing aid was fitted?

Modern hearing aids use an advanced volume gain adjustment algorithm that maximizes the outside sound to the point where the hearing loss patient is most comfortable, while reducing harsh ambient noise. However, this method is based on the weight of each ear. If the average value is omitted, the maximum effect of the hearing aid will not be achieved.

Fourth, did you do a real ear analysis?

Real ear analysis actually tests the performance of the hearing aid on the hearing loss of the patient’s ear, which is currently the best way to objectively confirm the benefit of the hearing aid. Every ear is unique, even if it grows on the same head. Through real ear analysis, the audiologist/hearing aid fitter can confirm that the adjustment results of the hearing aid are appropriate.

5. Whether the hearing management or rehabilitation program is explained to the hearing loss patients

Hearing aids are not finished once, and no responsible audiologist will do so. All patients with hearing loss who are wearing new hearing aids will undergo a period of adaptation. During this adaptation period, we must learn the function of the hearing aid, learn how to operate and maintain it, and learn how to integrate the hearing aid into daily life.

At the same time, we also record the performance of hearing aids in various situations and environments. Whether we listen to it in a specific environment or if the sound is inappropriate, it should be recorded. This data is very helpful when tuning. The person wearing the hearing aid for the first time suggested that the machine should be adjusted and tested in one month, three months and half a year. At the same time, the problems in the process of using the hearing aid should be fed back to the audiologist/hearing aid fittings. Professionals will submit based on these feedbacks. Suggest.

6. Whether other hearing aids or living aids are provided

The use of only one hearing aid does not solve all the situations encountered by the hearing loss. The audiologist/hearing aid fitter should have the quality of providing personalized service to the customer, and can propose solutions from the feedback of the hearing loss, except for hearing aids. There are also many different hearing aids and life aids that can help improve the quality of life (such as FM equipment, Bluetooth companion, etc.), and users have the equipment to maximize the benefits of hearing aids. Our ultimate goal is not just to let the hearing loss patients hear the sound, but to enable them to have the confidence to learn, work and participate in social activities like a healthy listener.

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