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What should I pay attention to when I first wear a hearing aid?

Before the user takes the machine home to suit the wear, the fitter will tell you to wear it in a quiet environment for a while. Many users don’t take it for granted. Sometimes they can’t hear it, they just increase the volume, but rarely turn the volume back. Once you get to a noisy place, you will feel particularly noisy.

Wearing a hearing aid

Under normal circumstances, the first time you wear the machine, the sound will be slightly smaller, but the user will not be able to listen at all. Because the location of the initial fitting is in the fitting center, the environment is somewhat different from the actual living environment, and relatively quiet. In addition to this reason, the sound quality is the most important thing for the fitter. If the sound is blindly opened too much, it will be very noisy, and there will be more noises, so you can’t hear it. Is it not possible to turn up the volume?

The ability of the human ear to handle the sound is definitely better than the hearing aid, but if the human ear loses its processing power, it needs a hearing aid to help, but it does not mean that the hearing aid can completely replace the human ear. The higher the volume of the hearing aid is, the more frequency the sound will be received, but if it is not processed, it will become a murmur.

The digital programmer we often say is controlled by a computer program to process the sound of each frequency band. But the hearing capacity of each model is different, which is the fundamental difference between high-end and low-end machines.

Many elderly friends, because of the deterioration of physical function, the ability to distinguish speech is decreasing year by year, so the sound quality is particularly important. The sound is small, the information is less processed, and the old man hears more clearly. After adjusting for a while, you can adjust it again and try to hear more sounds.

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