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Does the hearing aid have any effect?

The importance of listening in daily communication, there is no need to rumor. But not everyone has no problem with hearing. For those who have hearing problems, hearing aids are an important guarantee for their normal communication. However, it should be noted that not all people wear hearing aids, and the actual wearing effect of each person is different.

So which hearing-impaired patients can hearing aids?

Hearing aid effect

1, in terms of the nature of hearing loss

IdealHearing aid use effectShould be conductive hearing loss.

The hearing loss lesions of this nature mainly occur in the outer ear or the middle ear, and the hearing loss is caused by the hearing loss, which causes the hearing impaired patient to feel small and inaudible.

Moreover, the dynamic range of the hearing does not change, and the speech resolution is less affected, so the hearing effect of the hearing-impaired patient through the hearing aid is the best.

Followed by mixed hearing loss.

This type of hearing loss is characterized by a conductive hearing loss lesion and a lesion with sensorineural hearing loss.

Because the sensorineural hearing loss will re-vibrate, and the auditory dynamic range is narrowed, the speech resolution is greatly affected. Therefore, the hearing aid of mixed hearing loss is relatively better than the sensorineural hearing loss.

The worst use of hearing aids should be simple neurological hearing loss or central hearing loss.

Patients with hearing loss of this nature cannot understand the meaning of the sound, so patients with such hearing loss can hardly get help from hearing aids.

2, according to the disease cycle

The shorter the time of hearing loss, the better the effect of using a hearing aid. Hearing impaired patients with linguistic hearing loss are better than hearing aids for hearing-impaired patients.

The longer the hearing loss, the worse the patient’s ability to perceive and resolve the sound.

Young hearing-impaired patients generally use hearing aids better than those with senile hearing loss.

The ideal patient’s need is to listen to the hearing aid after wearing a hearing aid, but the reality is that this situation is minimal. In terms of the compensation effect of the current hearing aids, there is still a big gap compared with the human ear. And as time goes on, the compensation effect of hearing aids will be less and less.

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