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Hearing aids require professional fitting

With the popularity of hearing aids in China, most people have realized that the purchase of hearing aids is different from other common commodities, and it is necessary to pass professional fitting. But there are still a small number of people who still think that buying a hearing aid can solve the problem of poor hearing. Let’s take a look at the hearings below. Why do hearing aids require professional fitting?

Hearing aids require professional fitting

First of all, to choose a suitable hearing aid must have a professional and accurate “test”. The determination of the hearing loss condition is the starting point for the hearing aid fitting work, and the subsequent hearing aid selection and hearing aid debugging are based on this. Only after the user’s hearing loss has been accurately positioned, the latter series of work makes sense. The hearing loss is divided into different situations according to the cause, time, location, degree and complications. The fitter must pass the professional consultation and testing (generally including preliminary ear specoscopy, pure tone detection, etc.) to be comprehensive. Understand the user’s hearing loss and have a correct positioning of the user’s hearing loss. In addition, the user’s listening environment and sound quality preferences also have great guiding significance for the choice of hearing aids.

Secondly, to have a suitable hearing aid, you must also have a professional “fit”. Matching is based on the results of the hearing loss of the “test”, select the appropriate hearing aid and give appropriate hearing aid adjustment. Different hearing aids have different performance indicators. Each hearing aid has its own performance characteristics and is suitable for a certain type of hearing loss. There are many brands, types and models of hearing aids. For a particular user, which one is more suitable for their actual needs is a very professional problem that users can’t solve themselves. It can only be decided by professional fitters. For example, whispering can not hear, loudly feel that patients who are noisy should choose hearing aids? Emphasis on zooming in them will make the sound shocking; stressed that strong sound compression may cause distortion of the sound signal. Only professionally trained fitters can properly resolve such contradictions. Each person’s hearing situation is different, and the requirements for hearing compensation are different. If an inappropriate hearing aid is selected or the hearing aid is improperly adjusted, the hearing aid may not provide adequate hearing compensation for the hearing loss person. Hearing aids can make the sound too loud, which can damage the residual hearing, further increase the degree of hearing loss, and may even damage the auditory nerve. Hearing aid effect evaluation is also an important part of the “match”. The fitter can fine-tune the hearing aid according to the results of the evaluation, so that the performance parameters of the hearing aid are infinitely close to the user’s listening preferences.

Whether it is a professional “test” or a professional “match”, both hardware and software technical support is required. The scientific selection of hearing aids should include hearing tests, hearing aid selection, computer debugging of hearing aids, etc., all of which must be performed by professional fitters and at professional fitting points.

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