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I can’t hear you after listening to the hearing aid.

Many users on the Internet, in WeChat, QQ group, reflected that after wearing the hearing aid, they heard the sound, but could not hear clearly. Today we will talk about this topic.

Why can’t hear and hear?

Human hearing consists of two stages: hearing (perception) and listening (understanding). It is the physiological function of the auditory system, and it is an advanced function, including auditory recognition, auditory memory, and auditory comprehension. As long as there is a sound signal that reaches the listening center, we “hear it”; but to hear it, we must also have the ability to distinguish between hearings. Therefore, if you hear it clearly, you must hear it, but you may not hear it clearly.

Inner ear and auditory center

The inner ear has a simple sound signal resolution capability, and the inner ear is damaged, and the hearing resolution is reduced. However, because there is enough room for human hearing resolution, a paragraph to identify 70% is enough to ensure that we understand, without having to demand 100%, so less serious inner ear damage will not cause the patient to completely lose the auditory resolution.

The auditory center has a more complex and powerful sound signal resolution, the auditory center is damaged, and the auditory recognition ability is significantly reduced. When people enter a noisy environment, because the speech signal itself becomes ambiguous, people with normal hearing sound more difficult to hear, and patients with decreased hearing function are less likely to hear it. A signal that is too small will produce a similar situation. For example, the TV sound is too small and we can’t hear it. Unfortunately, most patients with sensorineural hearing loss have damage to the inner ear and auditory center, but to a different extent, and the heavier the hearing loss, the worse the discriminating ability, except for auditory neuropathy. Therefore, most patients with sensorineural hearing loss will complain and hear.

Elderly recognition ability

The central nervous system of the elderly is degraded, and the ability of the brain to deal with information is weakened. Compared with young people with the same level of hearing loss, the recognition ability of the elderly is even worse, and the phenomenon of inaudible and incomprehensible is more common. Hearing aids can only solve audible problems. A small number of all-digital advanced hearing aids can help some of the problems that are heard clearly. Unfortunately, there are currently no 100% hearing solutions for hearing problems in the world.

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