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How to treat the wearing effect of the hearing aid

In the daily fitting work, we always encounter some customers who are not satisfied with the hearing aids. They always feel that they have not achieved the ideal effect they originally wanted. In fact, if you can correctly understand the wearing effect of hearing aids, this Some users will understand why they did not achieve the desired results.

Our hearing loss, in fact, the most influential effect on hearing aids is our own hearing resolution. Most patients have varying degrees of resolving power loss. The loss is not much, and the hearing aid can compensate. If the loss is too serious, the hearing aid will be powerless. After all, hearing aids can’t replace the role of the cerebral cortex. In one-on-one conversations, the role of hearing aids is most clearly shown, and in other cases it will be worse.

Different people have different responses to watching TV and listening to the radio, and about half of them think they are not satisfied. Because the sound signal from TV and radio has been different from the original sound, this change is essentially a kind of “distortion”;Hearing aidThe amplified sound signal will change again and “distort” again. Two “distortions” caused some users to “not hear clearly.” Of course, listening to programs like news broadcasts is not a big problem.

Normally, they will zoom in on all the sounds collected without discrimination. For example, in the street, the hearing aid both amplifies the conversation and magnifies the background noise of the car. The farther you talk, the smaller the signal you want to hear and the greater the background noise. As far as a certain distance is concerned, the signal sound is very unclear due to the interference of background noise. It seems that in the noisy vegetable market, even if the normal hearing, I can’t hear the contents of the friends shouting in the distance. Therefore, the use of hearing aids has an “effective” distance. For traditional hearing aids, this distance is approximately 2 meters.

Therefore, people who are prepared to have a hearing aid must have a correct expectation for the hearing aid. It is important to remember that hearing aids are only “hearing aids” and cannot be expected to replace our normal ears with hearing aids. Because each person’s living environment is different, the function of the hearing aid that you want to use is different. Therefore, it is important to make clear your own requirements at the time of purchase and the fitter.

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