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Will hearing aids be deaf?

Since the fitting of hearing aids, 80% of people who come to the Jinghao medical fitting center to provide hearing aids will ask: “When wearing a hearing aid, will it exacerbate deafness?”, because many people think that myopia can cause eye myopia after wearing glasses. Or the level of old flowers is getting deeper and deeper. Therefore, many patients with deafness will have this kind of doubt. After reading some information, whenever a customer asks me this question, I explain it to the customer.

Will hearing aids be deaf?

The degree of people’s wear after wearing glasses is high. In many cases, it is not the cause of glasses, but the change of the eye itself. That is to say, even if you don’t wear glasses, the depth will be increased. For example, the presbyopia is not worn, and as the age increases, the “presbyopia” will also become heavier and heavier. This is the inevitable result of the deterioration of vision function; college students with myopia and glasses, the degree of myopia will be aggravated, and more weight. This is because they need more vision than ordinary people. The need for help without glasses can only lead to excessive visual fatigue and accelerate the process of irregular light.

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The same is true of hearing. The need without a hearing aid only increases the difficulty of hearing and accelerates the process of hearing degradation. Conversely, wearing a suitable hearing aid itself does not lead to worse and worse hearing. typicalElderly deafness(Old age), the hearing loss of both ears is almost the same. For a variety of reasons, many elderly people only use single-ear hearing aids, and most of them only choose one ear. Studies have shown that in the long run, there will be a gap in the hearing of both ears: the resolution of the ear on the side of the hearing aid is significantly better than the contralateral side. This can be explained simply by the principle of “use and retreat”. Wearing one ear of the hearing aid, using much, listening well, and maintaining good function; without the side ear wearing the hearing aid, the function degrades quickly due to less use and poor listening. In real life, elderly people who don’t have hearing aids are always trying to avoid dealing with others and try not to participate in social activities – they are afraid of not understanding and are afraid of causing trouble to others. Their auditory function is also due to the fact that the degradation process is accelerating. In this sense, hearing aids do not aggravate the original degree of deafness, but help to delay the process of auditory degeneration.

Will hearing aids be deaf?

Of course, it is also possible to cause deafness in the case of wearing a hearing aid. If a non-conforming product is used, or if the method is improperly used, it is not subject to the fitting of a professional fitter, and the purchase and wearing of the private device may aggravate the damage. Therefore, here, remind you: the hearing impaired must choose a professional fitting unit to fit the hearing aid!

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