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Eight precautions for wearing a hearing aid

Hearing aid precautions

First, be correctWearing a hearing aidJust start wearing, the time is short, try to wear it in a quiet environment, adapt slowly, then increase the time of wearing, or adapt to the slightly noisy environment of the opposite room. Once you get used to it, you can wear it every day.

Second, remember to take off the hearing aid when you wash your hair, and pay attention to the water when you wash it. Then use a cotton swab to wipe the water stain around the ear canal.

Third, when sleeping at night, the hearing aid is taken down and turned on.batteryIn the warehouse, wipe the hearing aid body with a cleaning cloth. If you have an ear mold, you need to wipe the ear mold. You can use the gadget of the accessory to pass the sound in the sound hole of the ear mold. After the sound is made, put the hearing aid into the drying box.

Fourth, if the color of the desiccant changes, it should be replaced in time, otherwise there will be no moisture absorption capacity.

Fifth, the battery of the hearing aid must use a dedicated battery and be replaced regularly.

Sixth, every six months or so to the formal hearing center to do a hearing test to see if there is abnormal decline in hearing, at the same time, the hearing aid can be maintained and tested. If the hearing aid sounds badly, you can also contact the matching agency for proper debugging.

Seventh, if the hearing aid falls into the water, do not immediately install the battery to hear if there is any sound. Immediately remove the battery and hand the hearing aid to the professional for maintenance inspection.

Eighth, usually pay attention to the cleanliness in the ear canal, use a medical cotton swab when rubbing your ears. If you can’t take it out yourself, you should go to the hospital and ask the doctor to handle it. Especially for people with oily ears, be sure to pay attention to ear canal hygiene and hearing aid maintenance, otherwise the life of hearing aids will be shortened.

In fact, these are some of the things that you should pay attention to when wearing a hearing aid. If hearing is lost, then in the years to come it will be with our partners, then we should take care of it.

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