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No hazard of hearing aids

In most people’s minds, hearing loss is not taken seriously. I did not think about it before I did the work of hearing aid fitting. But this concept is wrong. Let’s talk about the harm of not wearing hearing aids.

Old people do not wear hearing aids to guard against dementia. The function of the hearing system is also weakening due to the decline of physiological functions in the elderly. Some elderly people have reduced communication with the outside world due to the decline in hearing, psychologically become lonely, and even dementia, which seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly. Therefore, the elderly should wear hearing aids as early as possible. The early wearing of hearing aids by the elderly can not only slow down the hearing loss, maintain normal hearing activities, but also prevent the elderly from being affected in their later years.

No hazard of hearing aids

Deaf-mute people do not wear hearing aids to influence language proficiency, and deaf children and adult deaf people need to wear hearing aids in time. Early intervention should be done for the deaf children, that is, early diagnosis and discovery, early wearing of hearing aids and early hearing and hearing training for deaf children can make children better to restore their hearing and improve their language skills.

Some deaf patients think that unilateral deafness does not need to wear a hearing aid, which is a very wrong understanding. Because unilateral deafness will not only bring a lot of inconvenience to life, but also lose the hearing of the other side of the ear. Hearing activity on one side of the ear consumes more energy, leaving the ear in an overloaded state for a long time, and hearing damage is caused over time.

Deafness and tinnitus

People with hearing loss must pay attention to it. Don’t wait until they affect their lives before they want to intervene. Even with a hearing aid, the effect will not be too good.

A female patient who had been in 50 for many years had been deaf for many years. A month ago, I wanted to have a hearing aid. Hearing test did not respond to 120 decibels. A few days ago I saw a high-powered hearing aid on the Internet. His husband took her to ask if I could be useful. The patient was eager to hear the voice. I asked him if he did not wear a hearing aid when he discovered it. At that time, the patient was ugly and unwilling to wear it. He felt that it was not very heavy and he had been delayed.

With the increase of age, old friends often suffer from hearing loss. In fact, the formation of senile deafness is a manifestation of natural law in the development of the human body. We should face it with a correct attitude and adopt formality. The way to choose a solution. Senile sputum belongs to sensorineural deafness and cannot be treated with drugs. The only correct solution is to wear hearing aids. Therefore, the elderly should not believe in false advertisements of folk remedies or newspaper websites. So as not to miss the best time to wear hearing aids. Don’t buy it by online shopping.Hearing aidBecause the hearing aid is not an ordinary commodity, it needs a professional selection to really help your hearing.

Hearing aid wear

Older people who are hearing more than 40 decibels can consider wearing a hearing aid. Don’t wait until they have completely lost their hearing before considering wearing a hearing aid.

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