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Is the hearing aid the same as the original hearing?

Many people think that wearing a hearing aid can hear all the sounds or hope that they can communicate as normal people can hear everything clearly. In fact, hearing aids are mainly to help you hear all kinds of sounds that you can’t hear, how to understand and hear them, and a process of learning and adapting. Hearing aids simply magnify the inaudible sounds to the point where they can be heard, reduce hearing difficulties and reduce deafness without an exact scale. And some patients with severe hearing loss, even if wearing a hearing aid does not have much effect, it is generally considered that hearing aids are useful for mild to moderate deafness. For severe hearing loss above 85 decibel, the effect will be a little worse, but the sound can be heard but Sometimes I can’t hear or understand. Not all hearing impaired wear is very good, each person’s hearing loss is different, and the effect heard is different. Even if selectedDigital hearing aidEven tens of thousands of digital hearing aids, if there is no scientific fitting process, can not play a suitable hearing aid.

Any hearing aid has its limitations: the sound does not sound true to the ear; the speech resolution is poor; the sound is not good when the background noise is large and the distance is far; the use of hearing aids has a certain range, in general, : The effective distance of a hearing aid is 2 meters, and the two hearing aids are 3 meters. If the hearing aid is more than 3 meters, the hearing effect will be worse, but the sound can not be heard clearly.

Even the most perfect hearing aids can’t return to normal auditory function; society’s prejudice against hearing aid patients exacerbates their psychological barriers and disability. For these questions, everyone will ask: “What should we do?”

There is no doubt that hearing aids are certainly useful for deaf patients, but the use of hearing rehabilitation depends on the following factors:

1, the expected value of the hearing aid should be realistic and understand the performance characteristics of the hearing aid. As a medical device, a hearing aid does not solve all the problems of the patient. Only when the patient fully understands the characteristics of the hearing aid can he give up unrealistic thoughts.

2, the correct choice of hearing aids. Hearing aid selection is an important part of hearing rehabilitation. The degree of deafness varies from patient to patient. Hearing aids are a means of helping patients effectively use residual hearing. Therefore, the patient must go to the professional organization to make the correct selection so that the hearing aid can play the most important role.

Even the best hearing aids are not as good as our ears. The hearing aids must be an electronic product. There are also a range of hearing aids. Not all sounds can be heard clearly, but they must be stronger than you do not wear hearing aids. Slowly adapt to the effects heard in different environments, and it will adapt slowly after a long time, and it will get better and better.

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