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Hearing aid FAQ

Hearing aid FAQ

1: Others say that infants wearing hearing aids are not used to it, and they affect development. It is not too late to wait until 7-8 is sensible.

Experts call: Once the infants and young children are found to have hearing loss, they should be tested as soon as possible, otherwise it will not only affect the development of the bilateral brain, but also cause mental disorders of the deaf children. According to reports, the earliest fitting in foreign countries is 3 months after birth.

2: When a child is equipped with a hearing aid, he will speak and do not need special training.

Special emphasis: The key period of human language learning is from birth to 3~4. Wearing a suitable hearing aid for infants and toddlers is only the first step in learning the language in the future. The hardest and most crucial thing is the auditory language training after fitting.

3: Just wear a hearing aid to hear it, whether it is a single ear or a double ear.

There are many benefits to wearing a hearing aid in both ears, which can enhance auditory balance and positioning, increase gain and signal-to-noise ratio, improve speech recognition rate, and more. Experts emphasize that for infants and young children, binaural wear is conducive to the developmental balance and mental health of the bilateral brain.

4: As the saying goes, “The ear does not smell, the heart is not annoying”, but deafness can make the old man “clean ears”, which is conducive to longevity.

Scientific proof: deafness is extremely detrimental to the physical and mental health of the elderly, and it is easy to lead to solitude, eccentricity and early entry into senile dementia.

5: Everyone says that wearing a hearing aid can’t be picked up like wearing glasses, and hearing will drop faster and faster.

The role of hearing aids is to maximize the patient’s residual hearing to help them return to the world of sound. No matter which type of deafness is used, as long as the fitting is appropriate, it will not cause the hearing to continue to decline. However, it should be noted that the degenerative changes of autologous aging and the hearing loss caused by diseases cannot be ruled out.

6: Those who are particularly embarrassed don’t care if they don’t wear a hearing aid. They can’t hear it anyway.

After wearing a hearing aid for a very severely paralyzed patient, although it is not possible to make it clear, it can enhance the sense of sound, help to understand the meaning of other people’s language, and protect the auditory function to a certain extent.

7: There are hearing aids everywhere on the street. If you want to use it, just buy one.

Hearing aids are not a simple commodity. The fittings are professionally trained. If the fitting is improper, the consequences are very serious.

8: When you wear a hearing aid, you often feel uncomfortable. Is it not suitable for wearing a hearing aid?

When wearing a hearing aid, especially those that have never been matched before, there is an adaptation period. After the adaptation period with normal heart attitude, the benefits of the hearing aid become more and more obvious.

9: I have tried many hearing aids before, and the sound is indeed amplified, but it seems to be unclear.

People have a variety of hearing loss and different hearing compensation. Therefore, we have hundreds of different hearing aids for hearing impaired people. The hearing aids should be selected under the guidance of professionals. As long as the patient’s auditory center has no lesions, the right hearing aids can be matched to meet their hearing needs.

The above nine are the most common misunderstandings and answers. I hope that readers will learn from this and don’t step into misunderstandings.

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