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The reason why the hearing aid is very noisy

Why do many customers say that the hearing aid is very noisy and uncomfortable! Sometimes even if you don’t wear it, you will hear better and better!

In fact, if the first-line fitter is very often able to hear such complaints from customers. Today we will analyze why the hearing aids are noisy. What kind of hearing aids will be noisy?

When I hear the voices of users complaining, of course, I am the first to listen to their complaints and understand the truth of the matter. I have summarized the experience in the field for many years. 40% of users who feel awkward with hearing aids do not use hearing aids 20% correctly. Improper operation and maintenance 40% fitting is not suitable. Asked how the customer fits? They don’t quite understand. Someone in the impression said that they have heard that the glasses need to be fitted. I haven’t heard that the hearing aid needs to be fitted. He said: I went to the pharmacy to buy it. I just started listening. I can hear the sound, I feel that the effect is good. I have been wearing it for three or four hours. I found that I heard a dizzy, very noisy! Sometimes I can’t stand the loud voice and the outside world. As described by the customer, it is caused by the typical hearing aid discomfort, and the hearing aid does not compress the sound.

Next, I will introduce you to some correct ways to buy hearing aids and how to eliminate why the hearing aids are noisy!

How to buy a hearing aid correctly:

First, you must first understand your hearing loss and its nature.

Second, choose the hearing aid power that suits your hearing loss.

Third, choose a good fitter, this is a good hearing aid. A good fitter is often a waste of resources.

Fourth, choose as many digital hearing aids as possible

Why is the hearing aid noisy?

First, the hearing aid fitting is not suitable,

Second, hearing aids are not suitable for wearing.

Third, the hearing aid is not used properly.

Fourth, the hearing aid adjustment is not appropriate,

Fifth, there is no targetHearing lossTo adjust,

Sixth, the power of the hearing aid is not suitable and the fitter does not have proper guidance. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional fitter and a professional hearing aid franchise store.

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