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Advice for friends who wear hearing aids

Feel the pleasure of wearing a hearing aid

Most people with hearing impairments can benefit from the use of hearing aids. The length of time required varies from person to person and depends on many factors, such as age, physical condition, and severe hearing loss. The extent and length of deafness, etc., but the most important thing is how determined you are to restore your hearing. Restoring hearing is similar to learning a new sport. For example, tennis, dancing, playing the piano, etc. all need patience and constant practice, and at the same time have reasonable expectations for restoring hearing. In other words, don’t expect to get back to 100% hearing after turning on the hearing aid. You need to give yourself a little time to rebuild your auditory memory, and you should get used to wearing a hearing aid. Now you are ready to follow Here are a few simple steps. When you progress from one step to another, you will really appreciate the fun of using a hearing aid, because your life will become more meaningful and you will be actively involved in activities. You can also regain your confidence. All in all, the hearing aid will be your lifelong companion and a passport to take you to a better life.

Getting used to hearing aids

In the initial use of hearing aids, begin a “hearing training” course in a familiar environment, carefully read the instructions and learn how to use the hearing aid. In the first few weeks, do not wear hearing aids in noisy places, such as supermarkets, street markets, etc.

Slowly growing the time to wear a hearing aid

If you are wearing a hearing aid for the first time, do not use the hearing aid for a long time every day. In the first few days, the hearing aid should be worn for one to three hours a day. When you feel nervous or tired, you should take the hearing aid off and rest for hours. In the early days of using hearing aids, it is very important that you should grow your hearing aids day by day so that you can adapt to the sounds of your surroundings: using hearing aids in different environments allows you to learn and discover your highest hearing. Potential, and enjoy the best auditory results.

Control volume

Do not adjust the volume too high in the initial wearing of hearing aids. In many cases, this will not only improve the ability to understand the language, but will cause the sound to be distorted. Don’t try to hear the slight sounds in the distance, keep in mind that even people with good hearing can’t do this. If you can talk to people from 2 to 3 meters, it is enough. Once your experience with hearing aids increases, you can control the volume freely.

The above process requires considerable patience and determination. If you can do the above, you can get significant progress every day, and after a few weeks, your hearing aid will become your indispensable friend.

Learn to observe yourself

Adapt to the use of hearing aids

If you want to achieve the desired level, your hearing aid should be part of your body, just like glasses. But this process is gradually implemented, and it takes some effort before you can use the hearing aid as a friend, not some “devices outside the body.” Here are some ways to help you through this process. Concentration – practice concentration to listen, for people with good hearing, it is also applicable to help you through this process.

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