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Hearing aid performance and indicators

Hearing aid performance and indicators

★ small volume

  Low battery–Replacement battery

The sound outlet is blocked by ear wax – clean with a small brush and replace the earwax filter

The microphone inlet is blocked – consult a hearing health professional

★ Hearing aids whistle in the ear

The hearing aid is not worn correctly, please wear it again.

Hearing aids are wearing the wrong ears – exchange them

Hearing aids are too loose to wear – consult a hearing health professional

★ Hearing aids can’t work

No battery installed – install battery

Battery compartment is not closed – close the battery compartment

The battery is dirty – clean the battery surface

The battery is running out – replace the battery

★ Hearing aid slips from the ear

The ear canal is damp or dirty – wipe the hearing aid and ear with a soft, dry cloth

★ Ear pain when wearing a hearing aid

The hearing aid is not worn correctly – take it out and wear it again. If the problem persists, consult a hearing health professional.

★ hearing aids are difficult to wear

Before wearing the hearing aid, apply a small drop of non-irritating lubricant to your fingertips and apply it to the ear canal. Make sure that the oil does not enter the sound outlet or the microphone hole.

Note: If the above suggestions do not solve the problem, please contact a hearing health professional.

A qualified hearing aid should consider at least the following six performance indicators:

2 maximum sound output or saturated sound pressure level (SSPL). It actually represents the maximum power output of the hearing aid. The maximum acoustic output when using a hearing aid should be lower than the discomfort threshold of the affected ear, especially for the ear that is positive for re-vibration, and the maximum acoustic output must be controlled to protect the affected ear.

3 maximum sound gain. It mainly represents the amplification capability of hearing aids. The hearing aid gains produced by various countries are mostly between 30 and 80dB. Generally speaking, if the degree of deafness is light, the gain should be selected to be small, and the hearing aids with medium gain or large gain should be selected respectively. In the specific use, the volume adjustment switch for varying the acoustic gain within a certain range is provided on the hearing aid. The choice of suitable hearing aids can be pre-calculated according to some formulas. The easiest way is to adjust the gain compensation of 500, 1000 and 2000Hz three audios according to the pure tone audiogram, with half or more of the threshold. Satisfactory effect.

4 frequency response and tone adjustment. In order to meet the hearing requirements of the deaf, the hearing aid should provide a variety of different frequency responses, and the different responses of the frequency are different in tone. In order to make the frequency response of the hearing aid more in line with the hearing loss characteristics of the deaf person, some different tones are set on the tone adjustment button, usually L stands for bass, N is normal, and H is high.

5 signal to noise ratio (S / N). The amplified output of the hearing aid earphones is often accompanied by both linguistic signals and annoying noise. The greater the signal-to-noise ratio, the better the quality of the language information output. The signal-to-noise ratio of high-quality hearing aids can be around 40dB, at least 30dB or more.

6 harmonic distortion. In order to transmit the amplified acoustic signal high, the distortion of the hearing aid should be as small as possible, the distortion should be less than 10%, and less than 5% can basically maintain the realism of the language.

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