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The harm of wearing a hearing aid with a single ear

Single ear wearing hearing aid

The auditory deprivation effect occurs frequently in hearing-impaired people and is very common. It has a great negative effect on the effect of our clinically selected hearing aids.

1, definition:

The hearing aids in the front of the hearing aids are similar. Due to economic conditions or the lack of complete trust in the hearing aids or the fitter, the result is that the hearing aids are selected for the single ear. After wearing for a period of time, if you want to choose a hearing aid on the other side of the ear, even this time. The hearing aid is better than the original, but the effect is always unsatisfactory.

2, epidemiology:

Often occurs inSingle ear optional hearing aidThe incidence of patients is high and can occur at almost every age level.

3, time of occurrence:

There are age and individual differences, and the average age of the elderly is the shortest. This phenomenon can occur in half a year. Generally, middle-aged people have a long time. However, in general, hearing deprivation will occur in a year or so.

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