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How to choose a hearing aid?

Wear it early: Protect your hearing against Alzheimer’s!

With the increase of age, most of the elderly will have “ears are not good”, people generally think that it is a normal physiological decline phenomenon, let it go. Some children even think that “the old man loves to worry about it, and he can’t hear it.” As everyone knows, the elderly parents can’t hear the outside world for a long time.Closed, lonely. On the contrary, the elderly can see more, listen more, and think more and help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. “Timely wearing a hearing aid can also protect residual hearing, delay the progress of hearing loss, and prevent the disuse of the speech center (because it is less heard, less spoken, longer, and the ability to speak). Doctors pointed out that at present, 60% or more of the elderly have different levels of hearing impairment, and the incidence rate is increasing year by year. In foreign countries, doctors are advised to wear hearing aids early for patients with mild hearing loss; the average elderly in China often drags into serious impacts on life; others feel that they can hear with one ear and never think about it. To be matched, many people have caused hearing loss on the other side of the ear.

After the match: check it regularly at least once a year!

“Compared with the glasses, the hearing aid is a more delicate and professional work, so it is necessary to track the hearing before and after the match.” Unlike young people’s deafness, senile deafness is progressive and will continue to decline according to its physiological changes. Therefore, the elderly should be regularly reviewed at least once a year after the hearing aid. The purpose of the review is mainly in three aspects: one is to re-test the hearing and track the dynamic change of the hearing; the other is to adjust the volume of the hearing aid by a professional fitter; the third is to check the condition of the external auditory canal to prevent the use of the hearing aid for a long time. Secondary inflammation of the external auditory canal.

The doctor reminded the patient’s family that the hearing loss of the elderly generally showed a relatively low-frequency hearing and a high-frequency hearing loss. The elderly chose a hearing aid to amplify the high-frequency sound, while maintaining the “original sound” for the low-frequency sound. Reappearance, which puts higher demands on the performance of hearing aids; moreover, the more expensive the hearing aids, the better. In terms of selection, it is also necessary to consider age, ear habits, binaural hearing differences, hearing curve characteristics, etc. Many factors, therefore, be sure to follow the doctor’s advice. Moreover, the elderly who just wear hearing aids need an adaptation process, and the elderly will have a slower response.

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