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Correctly look at the effect of hearing aids

Deafness is called hearing loss and hearing impairment in audiology. According to the location and nature of the lesions are divided into: conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. Partially conductive hearing loss can be treated by drugs or surgery, and there is currently no ideal treatment for sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing problems can only be solved with the aid of artificial devices such as hearing aids or cochlear implants.

“Hearing Aid” As its name implies, it is a tool to assist in listening to sound. It does not have a therapeutic effect.

Some patients with hearing loss always expand and idealize their effects when choosing a hearing aid. They hope to have normal hearing when wearing a hearing aid. In fact, the hearing aid is just a special sound processor. It can enlarge and adjust the external sound according to the needs of the patient to adapt to the hearing compensation requirements of hearing loss patients, and meet the daily life and work needs of the hearing-impaired patients. ear. Therefore, we must have a correct understanding of the effects of hearing aids, reasonable expectations.

Hearing aid effect

The effectiveness of hearing aid selection and the appropriateness usually depend on the following factors:

First, the extent of hearing loss. Hearing aids are more suitable for patients with moderate hearing loss, and the effect is better. And there are more choices in the model. Mild hearing loss and severe hearing loss will be less effective. Very severe hearing loss is the worst, and the choice of models is very limited.

Second, the length of hearing loss and the morning and evening of hearing intervention. The patient will promptly perform treatment or hearing intervention after hearing the hearing loss, and choose a hearing aid or other means of rehabilitation. The sooner the patient is intervened, the better the effect of wearing a hearing aid.

Third, the difference between pre-linguistic or post-linguistic profanity. Because of the lack of language foundation, all speeches rely on the clarity of the hearing aid to learn the language. Therefore, there is a higher requirement for the size of the age. After the language, the patient has a language foundation, and it is ok to use a hearing aid to improve the sound and achieve the purpose of listening to the language. Therefore, the effect of the hearing aid after wearing it will be significantly better than the former.

Fourth, the disease and lesions that cause hearing impairment. The hearing loss caused by different diseases is different after the hearing aid is fitted. For example, the hearing loss caused by radiotherapy after nasopharyngeal cancer will be greatly affected, and there will be some unstable conditions. Some diseases, such as ear sclerosis, otitis media, cholesteatoma, Meniere’s disease, acoustic neuroma, etc., also vary.

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