Hearing aids need scientific fitting

People are no strangers to hearing aids, but in the face of overwhelming advertising, mixed products, many people who need to wear often do not know how to choose, and may even cause irreparable hearing damage due to a wrong decision. Not only that, the purchase of hearing aids requires considerable cost, the gap between consumers’ expectations for their effects and the numerous problems after the selection, resulting in constant disputes. Experts pointed out that hearing aids also need scientific fitting.

Pay attention to the small details of hearing problems

Hearing aids are designed for deaf people and deaf patients. Therefore, before choosing a hearing aid, you must first determine the condition of the deafness.

Because people have bilateral ears to feel the hearing, in life, some people who are relatively slow-responding often fail to find hearing problems during the physical examination. Only when there are problems in the side ears, causing life and work inconvenience, only one ear is found. It has been spent for many years.

There are also some children who are often neglected and delayed in the treatment of deafness due to lack of representation. Some children reach the age of a certain age, because they can’t speak or speak loudly when they are unclear, they are often concerned by parents, but often have irreversible consequences because they miss the best opportunity to intervene.

In fact, as long as you pay attention to some small details, you may find hearing impairments around your loved ones or friends, especially for children who don’t speak. For the elderly, the signs of hearing problems are getting bigger, repeating the question “What do you say”, “loud”, “say it again”, etc.; some elderly people have no problems in language communication, but they have ear plugs and ear nausea. Tinnitus; some older people are slow, slow, inferior, autistic, and afraid to cross the road, may have problems with hearing. For children who have not reached the age of speech, there will be a normal reaction to the stimulation of the sound. When there is a sounding toy around the parents or the parents slap the palm, they will turn their heads to find the sound source with their eyes. When they hear the sound of closing the door, they will also appear very short. Systemic stress response. If you watch TV, the child always takes the initiative to turn up the voice, or answer the phone with one ear, there may be hearing problems.

After discovering problems with hearing, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to avoid delaying the condition.

Not all deafness can improve hearing through hearing aids

Some people mistakenly think that hearing loss or deafness can be done with a hearing aid. As everyone knows, it is not that patients with deafness can improve their hearing function by selecting a hearing aid. Moreover, the role of the hearing aid is to amplify the original inaudible sound and does not have the function of treating deafness. Some patients with deafness caused by auditory neuropathy, membranous labyrinthic hydrops, etc., not only have poor performance, but also may have misconceptions. They mistakenly believe that wearing hearing aids causes deafness.

In fact, in the clinic, hearing loss is caused by blockage of deafness, and it is not uncommon to be treated with drugs or selected hearing aids. A person with a closed ear canal (commonly known as a deafness) swims, and after the ear is flooded, the ear can become larger after being soaked, which may cause hearing loss. However, this situation does not require tension, and the doctor can remove the deafness and the hearing can be recovered quickly. In the early stage of some diseases, such as cholesteatoma otitis media, acoustic neuroma and other hearing loss, can be temporarily compensated by hearing aids, but patients with progressive hearing loss, must consult a specialist to avoid misdiagnosis and mistreatment. Otitis media, sudden deafness, Meniere’s disease, etc. are also diseases related to deafness. Once found, they should go to the hospital for targeted treatment. For patients with stable disease or late stage, it is recommended to use a hearing aid for auditory compensation.

In addition, human hearing functions include hearing the sound and listening to clear words, and the doctor will give advice to the patient based on the degree of hearing loss after the hearing test. Generally, mild hearing loss (0-30DB) is not required, moderate hearing loss (40-50DB) is optional, (50-70DB) is in the range of optional hearing aids, and hearing loss is not good due to severe hearing loss (greater than 70DB). invalid. Hearing aids cannot be used in both ears, but some scholars advocate that high-powered hearing aids can be used by children throughout the age of 1 to 2, and with rehabilitation training, it is helpful to develop language communication skills. One ear is full and the other ear is normal. Generally, there is no need for a hearing aid. For deaf children with residual hearing, they should wear hearing aids as early as possible and conduct language training as soon as possible.

Hearing aids may cause hearing damage if they are not used.

Can the hearing aid be purchased at will? The answer is of course no. As with myopia and hyperopia, the hearing aids need to be fitted. If the patient wears it at will, it will not only be bad, but it may also cause hearing damage.

The fitting of a hearing aid is a scientific and sophisticated process that involves comprehensive testing and evaluation of the hearing and placement of the selected hearing aid in the detector for fitting. Moreover, it takes a process for the hearing aid to function, and it is impossible to improve hearing at once. The patient should wear the initial environment to avoid noisy environment, and pay attention to rest when feeling tired. Since it takes a while to try on, if the subjective feeling is uncomfortable, the hearing aid should be adjusted repeatedly. It is recommended that patients choose a hearing center in a regular hospital or a regular hearing aid store for matching, because after-sales service directly affects the use effect.

Hearing aids are not as expensive as possible, and they must be combined with their own hearing loss and economic affordability. Most of the patients with hearing loss in the elderly have already retired. The requirements for hearing are mainly to watch TV and communicate with others. The eyes of the elderly are not good, and the finger activity is not flexible. Therefore, the price is moderate, the wearing, the operation and the adjustment are convenient. And the convenience of changing batteries should be the main consideration. Young and middle-aged people, due to the pressure of work and family, and the fear of social prejudice, affecting the future and other factors, in addition to the functional needs of hearing aids, there are usually hidden requirements. Therefore, even if the price is more expensive, high-performance, concealed hearing aids are a good choice. Children and children are in the stage of growth and development, and the shape of the ear canal changes. The hearing aid housing needs to be replaced regularly, so the behind-the-ear hearing aid can be selected to reduce the cost of replacing the ear mold. When the ear is basically mature, consider replacing it with a more subtle type.

In addition, since most hearing aids are currently placed on the external auditory canal, maintaining personal ear canal cleaning will extend the life of the hearing aid. Otitis media, external ear canal eczema and external auditory canal may affect its effect. Avoid hearing aids from getting wet, avoid being bumped and littered, and regularly go to the fitting center for deep cleaning. The battery compartment should also be placed in a dry box for dehumidification. .

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