Hearing aid selection principle

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(1) Get accurate audiograms: Everyone has different hearing sensitivities in the low, medium, and high-pitched areas. If you have a suitable hearing aid, getting an accurate audiogram is an indispensable first step. Because children are young, parents should look for a well-equipped hearing service center.

(2) is in line with each individual’s unique hearing aid needs: each person has different feelings about the sound, and the learning, living and working environment is different. Therefore, the hearing aid should be considered when considering the unique hearing aid needs.

(3) uses the latest technology: although there is no difference in the appearance of hearing aids, the sound processing technology inside is very different. The advanced listening system automatically adjusts the volume for you to listen to in any environment, even if you can. It is a huge sound that will not pierce or hurt the rest of the hearing.

(4) decides to wear a hearing aid for one or both ears: if you have only one ear, you only need a hearing aid for one ear; if both ears have deafness, wear it with both ears, because binaural listening can help you to distinguish directions. ,inNoise environmentListen to more voices, accept sounds from all aspects and have stereo listening effects, and help children learn the language, the listener is also easier to adapt to the use of hearing aids.

(5) Improves aesthetics and reduces visibility: You can use a miniature or near-hair color (skin tone) hearing aid for aesthetics. Children can choose their favorite bright colors. In addition, you can also choose the latest all-digital or digital programming listening system, let it automatically adjust the volume, and adjust the hearing aid to the lowest level that can be heard.

(6) Consider other hearing aids: Hearing aids are not the only hearing aids. You can also consider using FM sound systems, flash doorbells (telephones), telephone amplifiers, etc. to help you alleviate the inconveniences in your life.

(7) Be mentally prepared: deafness is usually formed slowly. The listener may have been accustomed to a quiet world. When wearing a hearing aid, you may not be used to hearing many long-lost voices, so you should be mentally prepared. It takes several weeks to get used to it.

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