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Hearing aids change lives

The ever-changing technology allows you to stay at the forefront of the times forever.

Now you will have a chance atWearing a hearing aidAt the same time, enjoy the convenience and fun of the wireless era.

Whether you are a business elite in the workplace, or a college student, or a TV fan, mobile phone, IT enthusiast

If you want to make more convenient and free calls, watch TV, listen to lectures, and attend meetings in your life… The new wireless multimedia hearing aid solution is definitely your best choice.

The Jinghao medical Hearing Experience Center is equipped with a variety of the latest wireless hearing products all the year round, allowing you to experience the fun and wonderful experience of cutting-edge technology for your hearing. Welcome to make an appointment.

Hearing aids change lives

Make “distance listening” possible

Like the quality of face-to-face communication

Many patients have said to the acoustic bridge audiologist that after wearing the hearing aid, it is better to speak close to the distance, and the distance is far away. “In fact, the root cause of the distance is inaudible. It is the “energy and information loss” of the sound in the process of communication. It has little to do with the hearing aid itself.

And when the hearing aid is used with the wireless hearing accessory, it can just eliminate the distance and interference, so that this problem can be solved. For example, some large conference venues are equipped with headphones next to the seats. Even the last row of people can easily hear the clearest sound through the headphones, which is the source of inspiration for our problem solving.

Compared with the loss of sound during the propagation process, the sound source directly collects and converts the sound into an electrical signal and transmits it to the hearing aid. We will avoid almost all interference, as long as the relative position changes within the signal coverage, wear Friends of hearing aids will have a good feeling of face-to-face communication.

 Jinghao medical hearing aid reminder:Hearing aids need to be professionally “fitted”. It is very important to choose a professional hearing aid fitting center and hearing aid fittings! You can call the Jinghao medical for any hearing problems, or you can come to the center to experience the experience. . Hearing aid free consultation phone: +86-18566295705

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