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How to protect your hearing aid

Earwax falls into the receiver and the horn to form internal earwax. A little earwax, dust changes the internal diaphragm gap, causing sound distortion: a lot of ear wax, dust will cause silence, the internal diaphragm has no gap, the inductor coil is short-circuited, and the receiver or speaker is directly scrapped. If the battery is not removed or the VC is turned off in time, a large short-circuit current will be generated. The long-term energization will cause the core to heat up and the chip to break down, causing serious damage to the hearing aid. The secretion in the ear canal is corrosive, and the long-term effect of the secretion fluid corrodes the sound tube, causing the sound tube to break or loose, falling into the casing, causing howling, which affects normal use. The hearing aids are used for a long time, and the secretions in the ear will penetrate into the joints between the panel and the outer casing to form cracks and cause degumming.

For long-term use of hearing aids, the surface of the movement of the movement will be oxidized. After being wet by moisture or sweat, the surface of the solder joint will corrode, and the corrosion area will expand with time, destroying the insulation between different solder joints. An indirect short circuit occurs between the solder joints due to corrosive materials, which breaks through the chip and damages the movement.

For daily care, only the sound tube can be cleaned or the surface of the shell can be wiped. The metal turning interface of the receiver and the horn, the solder joint surface of the movement and the wires connecting the parts cannot be cared for. The main hidden danger of the hearing aid is inside the hearing aid. The daily care, although necessary, cannot solve the internal hidden danger of the hearing aid. Therefore, we need more professional cleaning and maintenance.

Keep the ear canal clean and hygienic. If you want your hearing aid to be most effective, you must always keep the ear mold and hose clean and remove the secretions from your ear. Meet your hearing aid fittings regularly and ask him to check if your hearing aids have accumulated ear secretions and if the performance is normal.

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