How to choose the right hearing aid for yourself

Many people with hearing loss need to use hearing aids to improve their hearing, but it should be noted that hearing aids cannot be purchased by themselves, but under the guidance of professionals.Hearing aid fittingLet us listen to what a professional hearing aid manufacturer says.

Optional hearing aid

First of all, according to the degree of hearing loss, the hearing aid of the corresponding power should be selected, and the power should be suitable to play a role. Hearing loss is mild deafness, optional medium and small power hearing aids; hearing loss to moderate deafness, severe deafness, choose medium and high power hearing aids; once hearing loss reaches extremely heavy deafness, choose super power Hearing aids. Again, choose the right type. There are many types and types of hearing aids, such as box-type hearing aids, behind-the-ear hearing aids, in-ear and ear canal hearing aids, high-tech digital programmable hearing aids, etc., when combined, you must combine your hearing loss and economics. Consider a combination of factors such as capabilities.

In particular, due to the different degrees of hearing loss, do not wear and implant without fitting. It may cause more serious hearing damage. The fitting of hearing aids is a scientific and precise process. Test and evaluate, painted as an audiogram. Then the doctor puts the selected hearing aid in the hearing aid detector, and through dozens of tests, see if its performance is up to standard. Try to wear it for a while. If subjective feelings are uncomfortable, repeat the adjustment of the hearing aid. Be sure to choose the right hearing aid according to your unique hearing loss. Of course, there is a process to wear a hearing aid. You can’t resume hearing at once. Be careful not to wear a hearing aid in a noisy place at the beginning. When you feel tired, pay attention to properly rest your ears.

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