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Correct use of hearing aids

2780 million, a hearing aid for the hearing-impaired people in China, is an important means of providing hearing compensation and rehabilitation for the hearing-impaired people. It is to further popularize the knowledge of hearing-impaired prevention and rehabilitation, enhance the awareness of hearing-impaired persons using hearing aids, and fit hearing aids to promote hearing in China. The obstacle prevention and rehabilitation business continues to develop healthily. Let’s talk about “correct use of hearing aids”.

Hearing aids are “matched” not “buy”

After the age of 40, as the age continues to grow, the hearing will gradually decline. Many people with hearing loss always want to solve the hearing problem through medical treatment or surgery, but in fact only conductive deafness is possible. Surgery or medication to improve hearing. For sensorineural hearing loss, there is currently no effective treatment, and hearing aids should be considered. Some old people are going to buy hearing aids, and here you are told: hearing aids are “matching” and not “buying.” Hearing aids are similar to loudspeakers and consist primarily of microphones, amplifiers, earphones or bone guides and power supplies. It can turn the sound into a weak electrical signal, which is amplified by the amplifier and then passed to the earphone for transmission to the human ear. The choice of hearing aids should be considered with caution. In general, the age at which hearing aids are used is not limited, but it is especially important for children and the elderly. In the case of hearing loss, careful selection is required. If the hearing loss is below 35 decibels, you don’t need to wear it. If you have more than 90 decibels, no matter how high the power of the hearing aid is, it will not help you. The fitting of hearing aids is a scientific and sophisticated process. Since the hearing conditions of each person are different, the hearing compensation requirements for hearing aids are also different. If you do not go through the professional hearing test, you can choose an unsuitable hearing aid. If the sound of the hearing aid exceeds the “most uncomfortable listening threshold” that the hearing loss can load, it may damage the residual hearing of the hearing loss. Further increase the degree of hearing loss, and may even have the risk of damaging the auditory nerve.

Correct use of hearing aids

Hearing impaired patients do not refuse hearing aids

In the past, due to economic conditions, many people could not afford hearing aids. In addition, many people did not know enough about old-age deafness. They believed that deafness was normal and it was an inevitable phenomenon of aging. Without thinking, this idea is wrong. Some old people are afraid that others will know that they are deaf and not willing to wear hearing aids. In fact, with the development of science and technology, various types of hearing aids came into being, and the elderly are reluctant to show the old-style optional ear.

In general, the hearing aid should be worn on the side with poor hearing so that the other ear can still listen to the sound of nature, so that the hearing of the ears is as harmonious as possible. If one ear is moderate deafness and the other ear has severe deafness, it should be worn on the side with better hearing so that the best listening effect can be obtained. Older people wearing hearing aids have an adaptation period of about three or five months. During the adaptation period, the volume of the hearing aid should be as small as possible. At the beginning, the wearing time should not be too long, every few minutes, and then gradually lengthen. After wearing the hearing aid, listen to the radio, watch TV or communicate with others in a quiet environment, and try to avoid the noisy environment as much as possible. Due to the noise in the background environment, the resolution of the hearing aid will be reduced, resulting in inaudible.

Correct use of hearing aids

Hearing aids should be maintained and maintained during use.Avoid moistureWhen the hearing aid is not needed, put it into the dry box, and pay attention to avoid the shock. It should be cleaned regularly. If there is water droplet in the sound tube, it can be dried by a hair dryer to prevent the sputum and water droplets from blocking the sound channel. It affects the hearing aid effect; the hearing aid has several buttons that can be adjusted, except that the volume switch can be adjusted by itself, and other knobs need to be debugged by professionals; the hearing aid should open the battery compartment when not in use, and one can save power. Second, it can avoid battery oxidation and damage the hearing aid; when wearing the hearing aid all day, the soft earplug should be opened for about two hours every two hours to let the air enter the ear canal, so as to maintain the normal pressure inside and outside the eardrum, and maintain The physiological state of the eardrum.

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