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What to pay attention to after wearing a hearing aid

Precautions for wearing a hearing aid

1, different hearing different solutions:

Hearing aids must be properly matched according to different hearing loss conditions. It is not suitable for the hearing. It is very uncomfortable to hear. It is very noisy. It may further damage the precious residual hearing. Especially children and the elderly must find professional and qualified institutions to carry outOptional.

2, reasonable expectations are the first step to success:

The auditory system is a complex and sophisticated system, and we can hear clearly about the two aspects.

(1) Whether the performance parameters such as the frequency response of the hearing aid and the loudness gradient control are properly adjusted.

(2) Is there a good central speech resolving power?

The former is affected by the quality of the hearing aid and the level of commissioning of the fitter; the latter is improved only by its constant adaptation and perseverance. In part, due to hearing loss caused by damage to the hair cells in the cochlea and hearing loss caused by central diseases such as brain contraction in the elderly, it takes a long period of adaptation and retraining to gradually improve.

3, after the fitting still needs a process of continuous debugging:

Generally, users who wear hearing aids for the first time need one: audition—-initial adaptation—————————————————————————————————- After the first wearing, it will be returned to the matching center for one month, three months and six months. In addition, since the hearing level may change due to changes in time and age, in order to keep the hearing aids in the best condition for you, at least you need to return to the hearing center to test your hearing and re-edit the hearing aid once a year.

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