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Steps to properly wear a hearing aid

Use hearing aids step by step

Step 1: Avoid hearing difficulties

Start a “Hearing Training” course in a familiar environment, read the instructions carefully, and be familiar with how to use the hearing aid; in the first few weeks, don’t be in a noisy place.

Step 2: Slowly grow the time to wear the hearing aid

At the beginning, don’t use hearing aids for too long. In the first few days, the hearing aid should not be worn for more than one to three hours. When you feel nervous or tired, you should take the hearing aid off and rest for hours. It is very important during the trial period that you should increase the time you wear the hearing aid every day so that you can slowly adapt to the sound of your surroundings.

Step 3: Control the volume

Don’t turn the volume too high. In many cases, this will not improve your ability to understand the conversation, but will cause the sound to be distorted. Don’t try to make a slight sound in the distance. At this stage, if you can make a general conversation within the 2 to 3 code, it is enough.

Step 4: Adapt to the use of hearing aids

Ideally, your hearing aid should be part of your body, just like farsighted glasses and contact lenses, but the process is gradual and requires some effort before you can use hearing aids as friends, not some. A device other than the body.”

Step 5: Learn to listen in noisy places

Hearing aid users need to be in a noisy environment, like other people with normal hearing, to concentrate on listening to the sound they want to suppress the disturbing noise, but if your hearing loss is long, you will temporarily Lose this ability.

Hearing aid wearing step

Ear care for hearing aid users

The already degraded hearing is the manifestation of physical aging and organ aging. Under the stimulation of external hearing aids, most people can use the residual hearing to perceive the external part of the sound, but the use of hearing aids for a long time will inevitably cause fatigue of the inner ear nerves, resulting in long-term fatigue. The inner ear nerves are aging again, and the hearing is gradually lost.

Now many hearing aid business units publicize the wearing of hearing aids to benefit the activation of the inner ear nerves and enhance the hearing. The benefits of hearing aids are more psychological, because the organ perception is improved after wearing the hearing aids, and then the interaction with people is not a problem, self-confidence Enhancement can reduce the negative effects of hearing caused by the psychological effects of deafness.

The auditory nerve and the organ must be maintained, which is easily overlooked by people wearing hearing aids. For those who use hearing aids, the hearing aids are removed, and the nerves are nourished during rest, so that the ear nerves have a sufficient curing time. important.

Elderly people should pay attention to wearing hearing aids

Wearing a hearing aid is an important means of improving hearing in the elderly. However, hearing aids cannot be purchased and used at will, and must be worn after strict fitting. In the process of fitting a hearing aid, the elderly should usually注意The following points:

1 Newly developed senile deafness, do not rush to wear hearing aids, must undergo a period of clinical treatment, if you still do not improve, then consider wearing a hearing aid.

Before 2 fitting a hearing aid, it is necessary to have a professional comprehensive examination to select a suitable hearing aid according to the degree of hearing loss. Do not buy it yourself, wear it at will, so as not to damage the remaining hearing.

3 senile deafness, the degree of deafness in both ears is often inconsistent. In general, the hearing aid should be worn on the side with poor hearing so that the other ear can still listen to the sound of nature, so that the hearing of the ears is as harmonious as possible. If one ear is moderate deafness and the other ear has severe deafness, it should be worn on the side with better hearing so that the best listening effect can be obtained. For moderate to severe deafness with a uniform degree of deafness, it is advisable to wear the double auricular to reduce fatigue.

4 elderly wear hearing aids have an adaptation period of about three or five months. The volume of the hearing aid should be as small as possible during the adaptation period. At the beginning, the wearing time should not be too long. It can be extended every few minutes.

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