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Hearing aid use tips

Hearing aid settings

1, wear or remove the hearing aid on something soft on the surface (eg bed, sofa, etc.), do not let the hearing aid fall on a hard surface.

2, do not let the hearing aids come into contact with violent heat, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from radiation. Never try to repair your hearing aid yourself.

3, hearing aids must be removed before showering, entering the bathtub or swimming. Always keep the hearing aid dry and remove the moisture from the hearing aid. In the evening, remove the battery and let the battery cover open, then wipe the hearing aid with a soft cloth.

4, if you want to work in a humid environment, or sweat a lot, keep yourself dry and remove the moisture from your hearing aid (chemical stores can sell desiccant).

5, don’t let children or pets come into contact with hearing aids. When the dog hears the feedback signal, it will be irritated. In addition, it will be attracted to the smell of the owner. When the two situations occur at the same time, it often leads to the damage of the hearing aid.

6, do not let the hearing aid come into contact with glue, oil, etc. Do not wear hearing aids in the beauty salon or wear hearing aids before completing the daily makeup procedure.

7 keeps the ear canal clean and hygienic. If you want your hearing aid to be as effective as possible, you must always keep your ear canal and hose clean, except for ear secretions and debris. Your hearing tester will recommend the right products and procedures to you.

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