Advantages of behind-the-ear hearing aids

(1) Compared with the box machine

  1.Behind hearing aidThere is no wire, and the volume is small, and it is easy to be concealed in the hair, so it has a certain aesthetic appearance.

2. Reduces noise because it does not rub against clothes.

3. The human body torso low-frequency reflection enhancement phenomenon is significantly weakened, so the technical parameters and the box-type ear-back hearing aids are better.

Phonak hearing aid

(2) Compared with the ear machine and the ear canal machine

The 1. Behind Hearing Aid is more powerful and suitable for all types of hearing loss.

2. Because of the large size of the behind-the-ear hearing aid, designers can easily install some complicated circuits and chips. To improve performance and enhance features. For example, if the induction coil is installed in the behind-the-ear hearing aid, the deaf child can make a phone call or receive a clear sound inductance in a special electrified classroom to install a directional microphone.

3. Battery knobs and other large and easy to operate.

4. Easy to repair and durable for easy adjustment.

5. Children’s ear canal is in the growing period, not suitable for in-the-ear hearing aids. It is more convenient to use the ear-back machine only to change the eardrum.

6. No need to be customized to mass production, which helps to reduce costs.

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