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How to maintain the hearing aid?

Hearing aids are high-tech electronic products with a very sophisticated internal structure, so moisture protection is an important part of hearing aid maintenance. Especially in the rainy season, the hearing aids are slightly inadvertent or improperly maintained, which can cause the hearing aid to malfunction, which brings great inconvenience to our users.

Due to the high humidity in the rainy season, the humid air can easily invade the inside of the hearing aid, causing the mold of the hearing aid to be mildewed and the circuit board to be corroded. This makes the hearing aid not work properly: noise, distortion or no amplification is caused, and the hearing aid is severe. Long-term damp, causing oxidative corrosion of the main parts, causing the hearing aid to be damaged or even scrapped, causing unnecessary losses to the hearing loss patient.

When the rainy season arrives, we can only prevent the hearing aid from malfunctioning, improve the hearing aid usage and extend the life of the hearing aid by doing the following work.

First, after removing the hearing aid before going to bed at night, wipe the surface of the hearing aid clean, then brush the sound hole with a small brush, and then dry it in the hearing aid care treasure. If there is no hearing aid care, it should be dried in a simple dry box with a desiccant.

Secondly: once the hearing aid is accidentally wet by the rain, the battery in the hearing aid must be taken out as soon as possible, and the hearing aid should be powered off to prevent the hearing aid from short-circuiting and burning the chip; then the wetted part should be cleaned and dried. Wipe dry, then place the hearing aid in the hearing aid care pouch for drying. If the hearing aid still does not work properly after self-drying, the hearing aid and warranty card must be carried to the hearing aid fitting center, and the hearing aid fitting center personnel should handle it, or the hearing aid should be handed over to the manufacturer for repair.

Finally: after the annual rainy season, the hearing aid should be sent to the hearing aid fitting center. The hearing aid fitting center staff will comprehensively inspect and carry out the hearing and maintenance of the hearing aid, and discover the hidden dangers of the hearing aid in time, and solve and deal with it in time. .

Special reminder: After the hearing aid is damp, do not expose the hearing aid to strong sunlight or close to the fire source, because exposure to sunlight will accelerate the hearing aid aging, and baking near the fire source will deform the hearing aid casing. It is strictly forbidden to use a microwave oven to dehumidify the hearing aid. The hearing aid is an electronic product, and the microwave oven will burn the hearing aid chip. It is also forbidden to use a hair dryer or other dryer to bake the hearing aid to avoid damage to the hearing aid.

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