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Advantages of ear canal hearing aids

1. Good hearing aids. The acoustic properties of the ear canal hearing aid determine that it has an acoustic effect different from other types of hearing aids. Mainly in the following five aspects

(1) improves the sound gain, especially the high-frequency sound gain. Firstly, because the ear canal hearing aid is located deep in the ear canal, it does not affect the resonance function of the ear cavity. The sound pressure of the external sound at the microphone position has a pre-amplification, especially The hearing aid effect of the high frequency sound can be enhanced, and the second ear canal hearing aid is located deep in the ear canal, and the volume of the external auditory canal is reduced. The sound pressure at the tympanic membrane increases, especially as the high frequency output increases. The third ear canal hearing aid shortens the length of the external auditory canal, so that the sound of the formant frequency moving forward by 2000HZ is applied to the tympanic membrane by about 10 decibel, so that the auditory resolution is significantly improved. Fourth, since the ear canal hearing aid is located in the deep ear canal, the sound hole is close to the eardrum, so the actual gain of the ear canal hearing aid can be relatively reduced. This leads to an increase in headroom (the clearance is the difference between the actual gain and the maximum gain of the hearing aid), which improves the sound quality of the hearing aid.

Ear canal hearing aid

(2) reduces the blocking effect

(3) Improves sound source localization. The normal auricle plays an important role in the sound source localization. The ear canal hearing aid is located deep in the ear canal, retaining the normal auricle structure shape, thus contributing to sound source localization.

(4) is highly fidelity. Since the distance between the sound hole of the hearing aid and the eardrum is shortened, the amplified sound can directly act on the eardrum, so that noise and distortion can be well controlled.

(5) reduces the gain requirement. Ear canal hearing aids can increase the sound gain, increase the output, increase the clearance, reduce the blocking effect, etc., so the requirements for its gain will be reduced.

2. is small and concealed. Concealed and not easy to be discovered, it can satisfy the aesthetic and psychological needs of the deaf.

3. Comfort is well fixed. The shape conforms to the anatomy of the patient’s ear canal, and because of its small shape and less contact with the skin of the ear canal, it is comfortable to wear and is not easy to fall off.

4. There are fewer chances of injury. Due to the deep position of the hearing aid, it is less affected by sweat and dust, and there are fewer chances of accidental damage.

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