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How in-ear hearing aids work

In-ear hearing aidAccording to its shape characteristics can be specifically divided into: ear cavity type (English abbreviation ITE), ear canal type (English abbreviation ITC or CC), invisible deep ear canal type (English abbreviation CIC). However, since they are all worn in the ear, they are also referred to as in-ear type hearing aids.

  In-ear hearing aidFeatures: suitable for personal ears; easy to wear or remove hearing aids; make full use of the sound collection function of the outer ear; wear comfortable; less unobtrusive; can use the phone in the normal way: you can wear it while you sleep; In-ear hearing aids can be tailored to your hearing needs.

In-the-ear hearing aid principle

 In-ear hearing aidIt may be one of the most convenient and comfortable hearing aids. More importantly: the effect it can achieve on the sound can really enhance the user’s ability to listen. When we communicate with people, the biggest problem is not to hear, but to hear the sound, but we can’t understand the meaning. We often think that a word contains only one tone. In fact, each word is composed of several different tones. Now, take the word “three” as an example: “s” in the SAN sound is a high-frequency sound. If you hear the sound of “S”, you know that the word you hear is “three”. It is not “an”. Therefore, the high-frequency sound contained in the sound is the key to our understanding. The energy contained in the speech, 60% is concentrated below 500 (low frequency), that is, on the final (such as AN, EN, IA•••); 35% energy is concentrated between 500-1000 (Medium frequency); the little energy left is present in the high-frequency sounds that are closely related to speech. Usually, this characteristic of speech does not pose a problem for a person with normal hearing, but not for a person with hearing impairment. When the hearing loss mainly occurs in the high frequency band, the problem caused by the high frequency speech is very weak, so the problem is more complicated. None of the hearing aids can restore the damaged hearing system to normal.


The above advantages of the in-ear type hearing aid are extremely close to their appearance. The smaller the shape, the more obvious the above advantages. Therefore, the invisible deep ear canal hearing aid is the best, followed by the ear canal type hearing aid, and again the in-ear type hearing aid.

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