What if the hearing aid is uncomfortable?

1. Sound aspect

1) The sound is too noisy and inaudible: it is usually reflected in too much noise at high or low frequencies, masking the sound in the frequency range, so that the patient can’t hear others; another possibility is that the high frequency compensation is not enough, which also leads to the patient. Poor language resolution.

Solution: According to the patient’s hearing loss condition and the frequency characteristics of the hearing aid, and referring to the patient’s subjective response to the sound, the frequency response of the hearing aid is appropriately adjusted to meet the needs of the patient.

2) The sound is too harsh, can not stand: usually does not reflect the volume is too large, but the maximum output of the hearing aid exceeds the patient’s discomfort threshold, so when listening to loud, the patient feels too harsh, when the volume is turned down, can not hear. In the case of hearing aids with output adjustment, the maximum output of the hearing aid can be reduced; in the case of low-grade linear hearing aids without clipping limits, only one Osda hearing aid with compression can be replaced.

3) Howling: Hearing aid users often complain that the hearing aid sometimes emits “screams”. This is the acoustic feedback. This is because the sound amplified by the hearing aid is reflected in the ear and then reflected again by the eardrum or ear canal. Leaking out the ear canal back to the hearing aid’s microphone. The treatment method is as follows.

4) There is echo when speaking: basically because of the low frequency gain of the hearing aid, the appropriate low cut or total volume can be used to get satisfactory results. Another possibility is that the compression line hearing aid has a low inflection point and a large compression, and the proper adjustment of the compression characteristics can be significantly improved.

2. wearing aspect

1) The ear is uncomfortable and feels stuffy: If the patient’s hearing loss is not very serious (such as no more than 70 decibel), the Osda hearing aid will have satisfactory results after opening the air hole.

2) The ear canal feels stinging: Use the otoscope to carefully observe the ear canal to see if there is a local red dot inside the ear canal. It may be that the hearing aid sound tube is too long to touch the ear canal wall, or the hearing aid head is slightly larger. Going out of the sound tube, the problem is solved. If you can’t, you may have to use tools to polish it.

3) Redness and pain in the ear canal: If it is not particularly painful, the scope of redness and swelling in the otoscope is large, and it is very likely that the patient’s ear canal is allergic. This situation is rare, but there is no particularly effective way to replace it. Allergic shells are a way to try.

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