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Cochlear implants and hearing aids which is better

Cochlear implants and hearing aids are effective means of hearing rehabilitation. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, mainly the following differences:

1. The mechanism of the two is different. The cochlear implant is a cell that passes over the inner ear hair and directly stimulates the auditory nerve. The hearing aid is hearing compensation, and the amplified sound is compensated by residual hair cells.

2. Their range of application is different. Cochlear implants are suitable for patients with severe cochlear lesions, severe hearing loss in both ears, and patients who cannot benefit from hearing aids. Hearing aids are suitable for lesions in the anterior and cochlear implants.

3. They have pros and cons in hearing compensation. Cochlear implants are not as good as hearing aids in low-frequency compensation. Hearing aids can’t compare with cochlear implants in high-frequency compensation. Therefore, some foreign speakers use hearing aids and cochlear implants at the same time. Now one direction of hearing aid technology development is to increase the bandwidth and compensate more. high frequency.

The cochlear implant is surgically implanted, it can be operated in a noxious manner, there may be complications, and the operation is irreversible. After the operation, the cochlear implant can be replaced. The hearing aid is only externally worn, no injury, no complications, and the option is reversible, and can be replaced afterwards. Hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Because the cochlear implant requires surgery, the postoperative changes are irreversible, that is, the damage caused by the cochlea after surgery will not be restored. Therefore, it is recommended that parents choose the appropriate hearing aid 3 before setting the implanted cochlear implant. 6 months, after confirming that the hearing aid is invalid, implant the cochlear implant, otherwise it will cause unnecessary harm to the child.

In addition, the price of cochlear implants and hearing aids varies widely.

Cochlear implants and hearing aids are not contradictory. The most important thing is to be based on the patient’s condition, with the highest degree of hearing compensation and rehabilitation effects as the center, scientific choice, but also according to the current economic and comprehensive situation, without delay or advance.

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