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The quality of hearing aids is important

Hearing aid quality

The hearing aid is simply a micro-sound sound system. It can amplify the outside world to a certain extent, helping users to make full use of residual hearing, listening to language and various environmental sounds. Whether the hearing aid is qualified or not has a greater impact on the user.

Unqualified hearing aids can not only make full use of residual hearing, but also further increase the degree of disability of the user, especially for the deaf children, which will cause permanent damage to the resentment.

Judging whether a hearing aid is qualified is mainly based on acoustic indicators such as hearing aid distortion, noise level, frequency response, maximum output, and acoustic gain. A good hearing aid has small distortion, low noise, reasonable sound output and sound gain matching, clear sound, long service life and low repair rate.

Hearing aid products are like glasses. In addition to their own quality, they should also pay attention to the correct fitting. Even a hearing aid without quality problems can cause harm to the patient if worn on the ear of an unsuitable person. Most people lack the understanding of hearing aids. It is absolutely unavoidable to buy them from the market and wear them to their families. The quality of hearing aids includes the quality of the hearing aid itself and the quality of its fittings, so these two levels must be strictly enforced.

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