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Common problems with hearing aids

Hearing aid FAQ

  1、How many years can the hearing aid be used??


2, not always wearing a hearing aid, can you put the battery in the hearing aid for a long time?

No, the battery should be taken out for proper use. If the battery is not removed for a long time, the battery will leak, and if the leaking liquid erodes the hearing aid main board, the hearing aid will be scrapped.

Can 3 and hearing aids be dehumidified by microwave oven or hair dryer after damp?

No, the hearing aid is a sophisticated electronic product with many internal parts. Microwave oven baking or hair dryer can cause damage to the parts and damage the hearing aid.

4, can you replace the hearing aid battery with a normal button battery?

No, the battery used by the hearing aid is 1.4~1.45V, and the general button battery is 1.5~1.55V. The ordinary button battery is placed in the hearing aid, and the hearing aid can also make sound, but the long-term high-voltage work will accelerate the hearing aid damage.

5, can you take a bath with a hearing aid and swim?

No, the latest behind-the-ear hearing aids are waterproof, but they are also limited to 1m deep water at normal temperature and pressure, so you can’t take a bath with a hearing aid.

Can 6 and hearing aids be protected from moisture?

Yes, after the hearing aid is removed, it should be placed in a dry box (ensure that the drying box is effective) for regular physical drying. Regularly go to the Sea Voice Testing Center for maintenance and dehumidification, or have an electronic drying box at home and regular maintenance.

Can 7 and the battery be placed in a high temperature environment or in a refrigerator when not in use?

No, the battery is likely to explode in high temperature environments, so the battery should be stored in a dry and cool environment.

8, should the ear mold of the hearing aid be replaced when the ear mold is damaged or the foreign matter in the hole is not taken out?

The ear mold should be replaced. If the ear mold is damaged, the hearing aid will be squeaked due to the sound seal is not tight. If the foreign object is blocked, the sound will not be transmitted to the ear, which will affect the wearing effect.

Can 9 and ear molds be rinsed with water?

Yes, the ear mold is a hearing aid accessory and does not contain any parts that can be rinsed with water.

Is it necessary to separate the hearing aid before 10 and ear mold washing?

Must be separated, there are parts in the hearing aid body, it is not suitable to enter the water, so it must be separated before washing.

11, hearing aids are afraid of falling?

Hearing aids need to be shockproof. Generally, they are not intentionally dropped or dropped at high altitude. The hearing aid is not so easily damaged.

Does 12 and earwax have any effect on the built-in hearing aid?

Influential, built-in (in-ear) sound hole in the ear, ear wax is easy to block the sound hole, causing the machine to be silent; behind the sound hole is the hearing aid receiver, ear wax is a metabolic secretion, will erode parts, Causes damage to the machine.

Is 13 and sweat more corrosive to electronic components than water?

Yes, sweat also contains substances such as salt, which is much more corrosive than conventional water.

What are the common faults of 14 and hearing aids?

Howling: When the hearing aid is worn in the ear, the surrounding people can’t hear the sound. If there is, the hearing aid has a howling;

Silent: the hearing aid still has no sound after replacing the battery;

The sound is light: the sound feels small, listening to the feeling is not much difference;

Sometimes there is no sound: for a while, the hearing aid has a sound, and the hearing aid has no sound at all.

Is 15, a hearing aid a medical device?

Yes, hearing aids belong to the second category of medical devices.

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