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Advantages and disadvantages of fully concealed hearing aids

Fully concealed hearing aid

The advantages of fully concealed hearing aids

● The hearing aid is located in the second corner of the ear canal, 100% is completely invisible;

● The microphone is located in the ear canal, which can make use of the sound collection function of the auricle, and the sound is closer to nature;

● The receiver is closer to the tympanic membrane, further amplifying high frequency information;

● The tip penetrates into the ear canal and the bone is weakened.

● Low battery energy consumption;

● Especially suitable for patients wearing glasses.

Disadvantages of fully concealed hearing aids

● The price is relatively high, and the patient needs to have a certain economic affordability;

● For children with ear canal growth, it is necessary to constantly change the hearing aid surgery (Haizhisheng Hearing: We can replace 14 children before X years old, so you don’t have to worry about it);

● Patients with particularly small ear canal space may not be suitable;

● Due to the small size of the hearing aid, patients with inflexible fingers may be inconvenient to operate;

● Less power can not meet the severe hearing loss.

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