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Will you not be able to pick up the hearing aid?

Many people are worried that the hearing aids will not be picked up after they are put on, and they are afraid of relying on hearing aids. It should be acknowledged that some users do not have access to hearing aids once they have them. The question is, why is this happening?

Will you not be able to pick up the hearing aid?

If it is not forced, normal hearing people will not wear hearing aids, nor will they be dependent, because they do not need the help of hearing aids at all. someHearing lossHearing aids are not used by hearing aid users only in necessary or important situations (such as meeting guests or hosting certain meetings). They are not “unable to pick up”. Only those deaf patients who have benefited greatly from the wearing of hearing aids can’t do without hearing aids. “Inseparable from” and “unable to take off” means that the hearing aid has played its due role and greatly improved the user’s hearing. This is obviously a good thing.

  与此不同的是,初次使用助听器的耳聋患者中有些人不能适应,抱怨堵塞感、异物感太强,抱怨声音不够真实清晰。造成这类问题出现的原因很多,比如验配失当、产品质量低劣、心理期望过高等等。但最大的问题是,他们缺少必要的适应性训练。  尽管出现了听力障碍,在使用助听器之前,这些患者一直在用自己的耳朵听,获得的是”真实”的听觉信息。而戴用了助听器,听到的却是些并不熟悉的声音,他们因此而一时不能适应。解决问题的重要方法之一是进行必要的适应性训练,让助听效果逐渐显现出来。

Hearing aid adaptive training is not complicated. The general principle is to adhere to wear and step by step. From the daily wear time, it should be short to long; from the point of view of volume adjustment, it should be small and big; from the communication environment, it should be quiet, then simple, complicated and simple. This step-by-step approach will help users get through the adaptation period as quickly as possible, maximizing the role of hearing aids. – So, I believe that some of them will “can’t pick up the hearing aids.”

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