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Correct understanding of hearing aids

Customers who have hearing loss and are not familiar with hearing aids often have many misunderstandings about hearing aids. If these patients cannot obtain more professional consultation and guidance, they cannot have objective and correct understanding and understanding of hearing aids. It is easy to delay the selection time and miss the best timing of matching, so that the effect is greatly reduced.

Therefore, I want to analyze and answer the questions and doubts that exist in the hearts of most patients. Their problems are mainly reflected in three aspects:

Know the hearing aid

1. Some customers have lost their hearing for many years, and when they have to match, they think of matching, when they ask why they are notHearing lossWhen the early stage came to match, most customers said that they were not very serious at an early age. If they talked to themselves, if they could make a big noise, they would like to wait until they couldn’t hear it. The result was dragged. Now, when the family feels more and more difficult to talk to the old man, and the reaction speed is getting slower and slower, even if you speak loudly with the old man, you have to repeat it several times before the old man can understand the meaning of the words and do it. When the reaction came out, the family began to pay attention to the hearing aids, and took the elderly to the store for consultation and try-on. Of course, after wearing the hearing aid, the patient’s listening ability and communication ability will be greatly improved, and the hearing aid is helping the patient to make the exact frequency. After the compensation is in place, there is no need to increase the volume to talk to the patient, but it can be found that even if the patient still needs to speak repeatedly after wearing the hearing aid device, or if the speech rate needs to be slowed down, it can be heard. This is because the patient’s loudness and frequency are missing for too long. The brain and the auditory nerve can’t get enough stimulation from each frequency during this period, which leads to the deterioration of the brain’s ability to distinguish the language. It loses the memory and expression of many words and tones. To be heard, but not to hear. So what should I do? Don’t worry, it only takes longer than the average patient, so this requires the patient to be active in the process of wearing, to listen more, to say more, and to understand the family, in the early days of wearing. Try to communicate face to face with the elderly, slow down the speech, communicate with the elderly, and contact our appraisers in time if there are any problems. After a period of time, you will find that the speech resolving ability will slowly recover, and the brain response of the elderly will also be restored. It will get faster and faster, and the degree and state of recovery will depend on whether the time of wearing is long enough and whether the communication is positive enough.

2. There are also some customers who are affected by the neighbors who have a history of wearing. When the patient with a history of hearing aids wears and the wearing effect is not ideal, the negative evaluation of the hearing aid will affect the same hearing loss. Patients who want to choose a hearing aid, they are afraid that, as some people have said, they are uncomfortable, can’t stand the noise, don’t use it, and so on, so they don’t dare to wear it, so they miss the best. Wearing period. In fact, there are individual differences in the effects of wearing hearing aids around the people and even everyone. It is impossible to explain any problems. Even some people’s hearing aids have not been professionally tested and evaluated. They are only purchased in stores or stalls. They should be called sounds. Amplifier, without any noise reduction function, does not match your own hearing situation, so don’t believe it all, no matter what the situation is best to come to the formal Yan Pei body to experience it yourself, try on is the right choice.

3. Worried that hearing aids have side effects. In fact, hearing aids have no side effects for patients with loss. It will not only cause the second loss of hearing loss, but also protect the residual hearing through compression, noise reduction and other techniques. The most critical, It is the maintenance and improvement of the ability to distinguish speech, so that the effect of hearing aid is as close as possible to the real ear.

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