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Does wearing a hearing aid affect hearing?

When hearing aids are fitted, patients often ask if wearing a hearing aid will cause further hearing loss. The answer is no.

Before fitting a hearing aid, the patient needs to perform a series of hearing tests and assessments. Including pure tone audiometry, acoustic impedance and speech testing. If the patient meets the hearing aid fitting criteria, the patient’s own audiogram is selected. Also, for patients who are initially fitted, the fitter will retain the magnification and will not adjust to the maximum volume. After it has been adapted for a period of time, the volume is further increased until the patient is satisfied. Secondly, the maximum sound output of the hearing aid does not exceed the patient’s discomfort threshold, which means that it will not make you uncomfortable and ensure that the hearing will not drop further.

Does the hearing aid affect hearing?

nowadays,Digital hearing aidThe use of simulated hearing aids has gradually been replaced. One of the biggest advantages of digital hearing aids is the loud compression function. In daily wear, there are occasional strong sounds (such as closing the door, car horns, etc.), and the hearing aid will compress such a loud sound in a few thousandths of a second, ensuring that no excessive sound is transmitted. Inside the ear. The fitter can even reduce the strong sound instantly by setting, which is the instantaneous noise reduction function. This further ensures that the hearing aid wearer does not cause secondary damage to the hearing due to loud sounds.

When trying out in an outpatient setting, patients often reflect “noise” in the hearing aid, fearing that it will affect hearing. In fact, this is not what the patient thinks is “noise”, but because of the patient’s hearing loss, the original objective whisper is inaudible, and after wearing the hearing aid, these whispers are amplified, and the patient mistakenly thinks it is noise. The “noise floor” and distortion components of the hearing aid itself are far better than national/international standards, such as the noise floor is much lower than the noise of our daily quiet office, and almost no damage to the existing residual hearing.

Therefore, for patients with hearing loss, wearing a hearing aid does not affect hearing. In general, with the increase of age, the physiological functions of the human body gradually decline, the inner ear hair cells are apoptotic, and the hearing function is decreased. Also, other underlying diseases (such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.) may also cause hearing loss. Therefore, the progressive decline in hearing of elderly patients is almost irrelevant to the wearing of hearing aids. Without the use of hearing aids, hearing function and brain dysfunction are certain.

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