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The sooner the hearing aid is better, the better

Our normal hearing people may not understand how it feels to be inaudible, but there should be more or less people with hearing loss around us, so we should all experience the process of communicating with people with hearing loss. Once hearing loss occurs, the perception of speech is very limited. At this time, we generally consider going to the hospital for examination. Among them, early detection of early treatment may be better, and hearing may be restored. The other part of the population that can’t be recovered is divided into two categories. One is to actively take other measures to enhance hearing; the other is that they may have realized that their hearing is declining and there is communication difficulties, but they think that hearing aids will cause their hearing to come. The worse, or that the hearing loss is not serious now, so let it be left unchecked. Of course, in these two categories, we strongly recommend the first category.

The sooner the hearing aid is better, the better

 Hearing lossAccording to the degree of decline, it is divided into several types: mild hearing loss, moderate hearing loss, severe hearing loss and extremely severe hearing loss. Generally, the hearing of a person who cannot recover after hearing loss is slowly increasing. If the hearing declines for a long time without intervention, the use of retreat will make the perception of small sounds worse and worse, so choose hearing aids as soon as possible. It is very necessary to assist hearing. For children with hearing loss, the importance of early intervention is mainly reflected in the wake-up and utilization of residual hearing, so that deaf children can establish sound speech. Children are at a critical stage in the development of speech and language, and developing and protecting residual hearing has a great impact on them. A child with very severe hearing loss has a very limited perception of the surrounding sound, so his auditory function is in an undeveloped state. After hearing compensation through hearing aids, he is supplemented by speech training, and his residual hearing is exploited and used. Hearing The function is exercised, so that the perception of surrounding speech and various natural sounds will gradually increase, making it return to the world of sound.

For adult hearing loss, early intervention not only keeps hearing as low as possible at the current level or delays the decline, but more importantly prevents the decline in speech resolution. Loss of hearing not only causes inconvenience in life, but also makes people more lonely, traumatic to the mind, and can lead to slow response and mental decline. Studies have shown that hearing loss is closely related to brain atrophy and Alzheimer’s disease (commonly known as “elderly dementia”).

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