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Which ear cans to wear hearing aids

After the age of 40, as the age continues to grow, the hearing will show a gradual decline. At the beginning, due to the decline of suction, it is mainly in the high-frequency area, and people need to listen to the low-frequency area in daily life, so this I don’t feel any inconvenience in life, but as the age grows, the hearing decline gradually spreads to the mid-low frequency, which will obviously affect the lives of the elderly. Some people will advise you to wear a hearing aid, and some people may tell you that wearing a hearing aid is not good. So, which ear can be worn with hearing aids?

In general, hearing aids can be worn by deaf patients who can hear the enlarged sound of the hearing aid. In principle, deafness is divided into two categories: conductive deafness that conveys sound to the inner ear; conductive deafness is called the inner ear, and the auditory nerve is called sensorineural deafness. The former wearing a hearing aid can compensate the hearing part of the conduction loss, so the effect is better. The latter is more complicated, making the hearing aid less effective than the former. Senile deafness is a sensorineural deafness, and the ability to distinguish language content is poor. The area where the sound is suitable is narrower than that of the normal person. The sound that grows slightly will feel terrible. Therefore, when the old man wears a hearing aid, the effect of the sound reinforcement can not be adjusted. If it is adjusted, it will not be able to stand up. If it is not too big, it will not be clear what the other person is saying. This is why some people say that wearing a hearing aid is not good.

Although some elderly people do not have the ideal effect of wearing hearing aids, they can still achieve the purpose of improving hearing after training. Old people who are ready to wear hearing aids can consult a special audiologist or otologist before asking for help and guidance. According to the results of the hearing test, select the appropriate hearing aid to adapt to the individual’s needs. When using the volume switch should be opened small, and then gradually increase, first use indoors, then use outdoors, gradually adapt, to listen to the speech of one meter away is effective.

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