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The benefits of digital hearing aids

All-digital hearing aids have one or more tiny chip organizers that convert analog signals into computer languages ​​for 0 and 1. Sound waves in this format can be sorted out faster and more efficiently than simulated sound waves. Digital algorithms can quickly analyze sound intensity and audio, and adjust the sound intensity and audio to make the hearing aid fit different hearing loss.

Digital technology can continuously divide sound into different channels. For example, this hearing loss person can’t hear the bass, but if you zoom in on some of the frequency bands, even a little, it will make him unable to stand. A hearing aid with an all-digital compression route can layer the received sound, detect and focus on those sounds that require amplification.

Digital hearing aid

Digital algorithms can continue to advise noise, although the intensity of the speech can change rapidly within milliseconds, but the noise remains stable for this relatively long period of time. After a period of use, digital technology can accurately reduce the noise of continuity such as car noise and home appliances. When short sounds such as voices are detected by hearing aids in the future, Arabic digital technology can immediately adjust the hearing aids and answer the sound to an amplified level.

The precision of digital technology is still in a quiet environment. Hearing aids use a hearing technique called extension technology, which is able to distinguish subtle ambient sounds from the noise of household appliances. The Arabic numerical algorithm also reduces or eliminates acoustic reflections. Acoustic reflection is a major difficulty in the consumption of hearing aids. The digital algorithm can monitor before the acoustic response can be heard, and then reduce the sound of the sound to the frequency band in which it belongs. The old hearing aid does not have a significant impact on the perceived level of the sound.

The sophisticated and flexible performance of digital technology also enables hearing aid professional fitters to accurately match your unique hearing loss and survival methods.

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