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Is the hearing aid easy to lose?

Is the hearing aid easy to lose?

Occasionally I heard the user report that the purchased hearing aids were lost, re-matched or for economic reasons, simply did not wear them, I really felt sorry for them.

Hearing aids are valuable items. Although others can’t wear hearing aids, we still have to take care of them. Here we will talk about how to prevent the loss of behind-the-ear hearing aids:

1, if hearing conditions permit, you can choose a custom type of hearing aid in the ear style. Customized hearing aids are made according to the size and curvature of the ear canal, so don’t worry about falling out.

2, behind-the-ear hearing aids can be used as an ear mold. The custom ear mold can play a fixed role, and the hearing aid is less likely to fall after being worn.

3, buy a hearing aid sleeve, and then clip it to the collar or pocket of your clothes. This can be purchased at the Huier hearing store.

4, develop good habits. When not in use, remove the hearing aid and put it in the hearing aid drying box or the hearing aid in the box.

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