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What to do if the hearing aid is in the water

After the hearing aid is selected, sometimes it will fall accidentally during the usual picking process. If there is a basin of water underneath, it will be even worse!!! Then, if the hearing aid is accidentally dropped into the water, How should we deal with it?

In fact, most of today’s digital hearing aids have certain waterproof performance. If the time of immersion is not very long, after timely removal, the hearing aid can continue to work through some scientific treatment.

Waterproof hearing aid

First, clean the area of ​​water, and then wipe the surface of the hearing aid with a clean cotton cloth.

Second, remove the sputum guard, open the battery compartment, put the hearing aid into the dry box, let it dry naturally, and do not use a hair dryer to dry.

Third, the hearing aid is sent to the fitting center with the maintenance device as soon as possible, and then vacuum dehumidification is performed.

Of course, if after a series of treatments, after the hearing aid is turned on, the sound is intermittent or there is no sound, then you need to go to the factory for repair.

During the summer rainy season, due to the humid weather and increased secretion of sweat in the human body, some users may have itchy eyes. At this time, the sound of the hearing aid is boring, and the sound quality is unclear. This is mostly caused by improper maintenance of hearing aids. So how can you better use and maintain your hearing aids during the summer?

1. Keep hearing aids and ear canals clean and dry. In summer, the bacteria are easy to grow in the gap between the hearing aid and the ear canal, causing itching and other symptoms of the ear canal, affecting the wearing comfort of the hearing aid. It is recommended to clean the sputum regularly and wipe the surface of the hearing aid (ear mold) daily with a dry soft tissue or cotton cloth.

2. recommends using a good quality hearing aid battery. The summer temperature is high, and some ordinary batteries are prone to voltage instability and other phenomena, which may affect the sound quality of the hearing aid, and even the sound may appear intermittent. In severe cases, the battery may leak, which may cause damage to the hearing aid itself.

3. Pay attention to moisture.

(1) Remove the hearing aid before washing your hair and taking a bath. You can wait until the ear canal and dry hair before wearing a hearing aid.

(2) After using the hearing aid every day, open the hearing aid battery compartment in the dry box for the hearing aid.

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