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What should I pay attention to when wearing a hearing aid everyday?

There are many new users of hearing aids and even old users who don’t know what to pay attention to during the daily wearing of hearing aids. How to protect our hearing aids, it is very important to do daily cleaning and regular maintenance of hearing aids. In-ear hearing aids The wearing environment is warmer and warmer, and the salt and corrosive body acid secreted by the skin can form earwax, which will accumulate in the ear after a period of time, even on the hearing aid casing. The existence of these environmental factors is very unfavorable for the normal operation of electronic equipment. Reasonable maintenance can improve the listening effect and extend the life of the hearing aid. Here are some of the things we usually pay attention to:

1. Hearing aid cleaning – clearing earwax

Although there are some custom-made opportunities to prevent earwax from entering the hearing aid, it is necessary to clean the earwax regularly. You can use the cleaning tool included in the purchase of the hearing aid, follow the instructions in the manual to clean the hearing aid, or regularly go to the fitting center. Do maintenance.

2. Avoid falling

Hearing aids are electronic devices. If they fall on a hard ground, they can cause fatal damage, so be careful when wearing them on the bed or on the sofa, some soft places.

3. Reasonable storage

When not using the hearing aid, place the hearing aid in a dry and cool environment away from the damp and high temperature. The drying box can safely and effectively remove the water vapor, so as not to reduce the coil sensitivity and the electronic drying box is better.

4. When should I take off the hearing aid?

Although some hearing aids are now waterproof, please do not wear hearing aids in the following environments.

Bath or sauna


When using a hair dryer

When applying hair care products or sprays

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