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Hearing aid precautions

Some hearing impaired people will have an immediate effect after choosing a hearing aid. However, for most hearing impaired people, it takes a while to practice and adapt. Hearing aids are very sophisticated devices that can affect the performance of hearing aids in individual work environments, such as overheating, humidity, or debris. Proper maintenance techniques can extend the life of your hearing aids. Such as daily cleaning and regular delivery to professional candidates for maintenance.

If your hearing aid has a problem, please do not try to solve it yourself. Repairing yourself may cause further damage to the hearing aid. You should first read the basic troubleshooting guide to find possible solutions. If the problem is still not resolved, please contact your hearing aid professional option.

Hearing aid precautions

1. Develop the habit of cleaning the hearing aid every day. Use the brush provided by the product to remove the earwax or other tiny particles accumulated around the ear canal of the hearing aid, the volume adjustment knob and the battery compartment, and then gently wipe the hearing aid with a soft cloth.

2. Never use solvents, cleaning fluids or oils to clean your hearing aids.

3. Because the hearing aid is very delicate, it is best to carry it on the table with a soft cloth or towel during cleaning and maintenance to avoid unnecessary damage or missing parts.

4. Once you have adapted your hearing aid, sometimes you will forget about it, so be sure to take the hearing aid when you are swimming, bathing, or using hair spray. Of course, when washing clothes, check if there are hearing aids in your pocket.

5. If the hearing aid is damp, do not use a drying tool such as an oven, microwave or hair dryer, which can damage the hearing aid. Instead, remove the damp battery, open the hearing aid battery door, and place the hearing aid on a towel in a safe place to achieve the purpose of flooding.

6. Hearing aids should be updated after a certain life span.

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