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Advantages of wearing a hearing aid with both ears

If you have hearing loss in both ears, we recommend that you wear a hearing aid for both ears, which will bring many benefits to your health and life:

Binaural hearing aid

Accurate positioning of sound

It is a dangerous thing for a single-ear wearer to hear the sound of the car behind, but not to tell which side the car is coming from. This is not the case with binaural wear.

Protect remaining hearing

Only a single ear, will rely too much on the side of the ear wearing a hearing aid; the side ear does not get exercise for a long time, the residual hearing will gradually lose, this is the phenomenon of “hearing deprivation” in medicine.

Easier to hear the words

Binaural wear eliminates the “head shadow effect”, reduces the head’s obstruction to high-frequency sounds, and makes it easier to hear and distinguish the content of speech.

Listening process is easier and effortless

It is more laborious for a single-ear wearer to listen to a small voice, and the ear-early accumulation can increase the overall loudness of the sound, and it is easy to listen to small sounds.

It is easier to hear in a noisy environment

The natural “silence effect” of the ears is good for suppressing background noise and improving the signal-to-noise ratio.

More stereo sound

Listening to both ears produces a stereo effect, and the words you hear are natural and the music is more beautiful.

There is a loss in both ears, but one of them is magnified, just as it is invisible to wearing only one pair of glasses.

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