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How to choose hearing aid for large vestibular aqueduct syndrome

What should children pay attention to when fitting a hearing aid to a child with a large vestibular aqueduct?


Large vestibular aqueduct syndromeLarge vestibular aqueduct syndrome

Definition: Fluctuating hearing loss due to simple vestibular augmentation with vestibular dysfunction.

Cause: vestibular water tube expansion caused by any cause

Incidence: 1.5% of sensorineural paralysis in adolescents and children

Pathogenesis: The development of the vestibular water tube is blocked during the late embryonic development to 4 years after birth, resulting in an enlarged diameter (greater than or equal to 1.5mm). At this time, the intracranial pressure is increased for any reason, and the pressure is retrogradely transmitted to the inner ear, resulting in (1) inner ear pressure imbalance (2) membrane labyrinth damage. Eventually lead to hearing loss.

Clinical manifestations and treatment:

– young onset

– progressive hearing loss

– sudden onset of volatility hearing loss

– accompanied by vertigo

– occasionally nausea and vomiting


– A strong dehydrating agent and hormone therapy can be given at the first episode.

– After recurrent episodes, vasodilators and neurotrophic drugs can be administered at the same time.

– Endolymphatic sac decompression and shunt.

– Hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Hearing aid selection

– Select a super power hearing aid.

– Avoid head trauma and do not participate in strenuous physical activity.

– Try to prevent colds, don’t force your nose or cough.

– Pay attention to your child’s hearing changes, detect hearing fluctuations in a timely manner, and treat them promptly.

– During the treatment period, the hearing aid will not be adjusted temporarily, and the hearing will be adjusted after the hearing is stable.

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